View Full Version : Nardi!

07-01-2002, 01:39 PM
You won't find a bigger Sox fan then me, but every time Nardi Contreras goes out to the mound, the next guy is virtually assured of a hit. Manuel lets him make every pitching decision, and if you havent noticed by now, he usually makes the wrong call. If you watch the good managers in baseball, when a pitcher gives up runs, walks a lot of people, or looks beaten and tired, they go and pull him. But the sox go and talk to their pitchers like its the little league, and then make the brilliant decision to pull them after 4 more runs cross the plate. Reply if you think some major changes to be made, because its apparent that we have the worst pitching coach in baseball. Baseball anylists such as Bruce Levine have also pointed out what is being called the Nardi Contreras syndrome. He goes out to the mound, and the next guy gets a huge hit. You'll know me at games, because me and my brother are the two most vocal guys when we boo nardi every time he makes his stupid, ridiculous, and ludicris trips to the mound.