View Full Version : King Kong Konerko

06-28-2002, 07:50 PM
The last few weeks I've had my doubts about almost all of the Sox players but today I bow to the King, King Kong Konerko!After today to see him get up after getting beaned by woods and then to hit two homers and singlehandedly refuse to let the Sox lose after Wright once again did'nt stepup. Well I hope all of the White Sox were watching , WERE YOU FRANK, Maggs, Carlos, Jose,Ray,Royce, DANNY WRIGHT, TODD RITCHIE, Pauly showed them all what it is to be a PLAYER. No matter what happens in this series or this year Paul Konerko is the star of this team. Yeah theres been times when he has'nt been playing well but if the rest of our team was watching today THEN ALL OF THEM SHOULD HAVE LEARNED FROM WHAT THEY SAW PAULY DO!If they could all have that type of intensity then look out twinkies. The flubs may have that juiced up freak in right field but he has nothing on Pauly , nobody & I mean nobody plays this game with more heart than our 1st baseman.

06-28-2002, 09:14 PM
Every year he's been with us he's improved somehow or another. He is just something else - something you don't see much anymore in baseball - someone who truely loves the game and plays with all his heart.