View Full Version : Fire Sale = Fire Ken Williams

06-28-2002, 02:44 PM
If our guys fail to reach the playoffs, it's not because the team is underperforming. It's because Kenny Williams destroyed the White Sox! I'll be the first to say I love Kenny Williams' passion and enthusiasm for the game. He wants to win as bad as anybody else, and he made the moves he felt were necessary to put this club over the top.

Our White Sox have plenty of heart and desire, but every time they try to turn it around, the bottom falls out as our kid pitchers implode and put the game out of reach. We lose by 15 runs here, 19 runs there. The team says, "OK, enough is enough. Time to turn it around."
They're a born again ballclub, until... until one of our kids takes the mound. It's gotta be demoralizing when they have all these team meetings and they constantly recommit to the team, to winning and have everything in place but the friggin pitching!

Eventually you just throw in the towel.

And what the hell were we supposed to do if the Garland-for-Erstad trade worked out!? If you trade the combined records of our No. 5 starter + Jon Ritchie for Kip Wells and Josh Fogg, we're in first place. Easy as that. "OK, sure, we'll throw in Derek Lowe in addition to two of our top pitching prospects. Anything else we can do for you guys in Pittsburgh?"

The friggin flubs traded BRANT BROWN for Jon Lieber. THAT is a good trade. Friggin highway robbery.

But if this team falls apart, we don't blame the players we blame the GM. If we had adequate pitching in there, our guys would be comfortable and they'd be able to tee off on the competition. Now they approach every game in fear of another implosion by our underqualified pitchers.