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06-25-2002, 05:45 PM
The following was taken from chicagosports.com:

MINNEAPOLIS -- The "long-term" demotion of shortstop Royce Clayton is officially over.

Clayton will be the regular White Sox shortstop until further notice, with Tony Graffanino in a reserve role once again.

Clayton was benched on June 3 when Manuel said he would put Graffanino at third base and Jose Valentin at shortstop to get some more offense for his struggling team. Clayton was hitting .197 at the time and Manuel said he was concerned about interleague games in National League ballparks where the Sox pitcher would have to hit behind Clayton.

"That's too many outs you're giving up," Manuel said then. "It'd be difficult for us to score runs. We're definitely giving up some defense to hopefully get some [offense]."

But the Sox never got the offensive boost Manuel was seeking, hitting .228 in June heading into Monday's game. Now that there are no more interleague games in NL parks, Manuel has decided Clayton will return to the regular lineup. Clayton entered Monday's game hitting .197, the same average he had on the day he was "demoted."

As it turned out Clayton made nine starts in the 19 games since the announcement. Manuel said Monday he never expected the benching to last after the Sox were finished with their interleague road games.

"When I was talking 'long term,' that's really what I meant," Manuel said. "Now we can go back to what we were doing."

Clayton went 2-for-4 in Monday's 5-4 loss to the Twins.


Manuel must think we're idiots if he's spewing out garbage like this. Arrggghh! Will it ever end?