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06-25-2002, 11:49 AM
I hate to say it , but I just read moronottis colum in the sun-times and you know what I would have to agree with the bonehead. All of the idiotic moves our G.M. has made and our owner when he could have picked Danny Evans to lead our team. Now we're stuck with a G.M. who is learning on the job look at all of the mistakes he's made the biggest in my opinion is getting rid of 3 young pitchers and getting what I think he thought was another Jon Leiber from the Pirates, instead we get Todd Ritchie who last year started out with the pirates like he is here and whether or not he finishes well does'nt mean crap if we are battling it out for 4th/5th place in sept. When I heard of the trade for Ritchie before this season started I said it sucked mainly because I don't think we gave Kip Wells or Sean Lowe a real chance let alone Josh Fogg. Now I'm hearing we might not have Osuna for this series with the twins because he went back home to be with his girlfreind who gave birth to thier baby and the way manuel spoke about it was like he did'nt know anything about it.Then the paper today says Marte has a sore arm. This is just turning into the start of last year only now. I say strike or no strike lets stop with all of this politically correct B*llSH**and get rid of the G.M. & this manager & his coaching staff. Lets look at the coaches nardi -he's been fired from a couple of teams that the pitching staff did'nt even say anthing about when he was gone Seattle & the Yankees, wavin Wally & Gary Pettis 3rd & 1st base coaches - who must have gotten the most baserunners picked off & thrown out that antother coaches this year in either league, Gary Ward - if he can't get these guys to buy into his hitting technique heck if thomas is listening to him then my god.This team needs a major change and if our owner does'nt wake up next year we'll be reading about the Sox getting bumped out of the league. :gulp:
A Split In This series Means Nothing, I Would Think The twinkies Would Love It With All Of The Injuries nTo thier Starting Pitching
and if we come home only to lose 2 out of 3 or get sweptby the flubs what more does this G.M. ,manager & his coaches need to do for J.R. to wake up and bring in someone new if only to start fresh for next year. :angry: :angry: :angry: :whiner: :gulp: Ahh thats better!