View Full Version : No More

06-24-2002, 10:18 PM
What a bunch of dead horses we have out there.

Does Frank Thomas ever have a big game when it's needed? Not lately thats for sure.

I feel bad for the folks who predicted 95 wins. Looks like my 78 wins are generous-maybe 70.

we are right back to 1997-about ready to back up the truck. With Williams at the helm, I almost cannot bear watching.

Thomas, Durham, and Ritchie should be dealt because they some value.

If Crede is not up by the Cubs series I am convinced we either have an anti-white G.M. or the fix is in.

A lot of people have been calling forNardi's head, and I agree. What the hell is he doing to these pitchers?

Oh, and by the way, fire the manager-he is a disgrace. Hire Showalter, Molitor, or Felipe Alou.

Imight not have all the answers, but nothing is worse than watching a bunch of underacheivers.

And for those you who say this drastic, I dont know what it will take to show you this team is below average.

One good thing is it's nice to be able to vent/bitch with fellow Sox fans. This is a GREAT site.

The staff should be proud but fed up with the team. I will be booing my A$$ off when they come back to Comiskey.