View Full Version : The Greg Walker Love Thread (complete with song lyrics)

05-20-2010, 01:04 PM
From Janis Joplin's "the farewell song"

You gonna have to pay your dues
And sometimes, honey, sometimes you're bound to lose.
Yeah, but that's the way
You're gonna learn, learn, learn to love people, yeah.

Oh god, I wish I could explain it myself,
'cause I know that it's my fault, dear.
It's so easy to hurt you, darling,
It's so hard, I guess it's hard not to do.
And I know you showed me a new life (2005 season)
And you'll always, yeah you'll always be my friend.
Baby I don't think that I can keep from cryin'
And I'll be tryin' and I been cryin' for you, babe,

**sniff** **sniff**