View Full Version : One difference in today's game...

06-16-2002, 10:29 PM
Sox batters weren't trying to kill the first pitch that came near looking like a strike. Wood helped them get started by being wild, but there was plenty of pitches that were taken that were close. Kind of amazing what can happen when the batter at least tries to control the count. I saw a few 1-2 counts that turned to 3-2 counts that turned into base runners.

As far as today's win, well, it was nice not to get swept by that bunch of bums, but really, I'm not that excited about upcoming games. We had 7 runs batted in by 1 guy with 2 homers. Had those runs been pushed in by base hit after base hit, I'd think maybe something was starting to brew. But that didn't happen. I do like the fact that they looked at pitches today tho. Maybe that will carry over...

06-16-2002, 11:16 PM
The Sox's success offensively depends solely on each hitter's mental approach at the plate. It doesn't do any good to have several men on base if someone comes up and swings at the first pitch, only to ground out or pop the ball up. I hope the Sox realize that they were able to score because they were patient. It is not a conincidence that teams who have several players who work the count and wait for good pitches to hit are usually the most successful.

Look at the New York Yankees. Jeter, Williams, and Giambi all do a good job of making pitchers work. This not only allows them to wait for pitches they can handle, but it also allows them to observe the types of pitches a particular pitcher throws, as well as when he likes to throw those pitches.

I think patience would also solve another lingering problem the Sox have dealt with all season. As Hawk and DJ continue to state, the Sox don't do well against pitchers they have not seen before. However, they could be more successful if they were more patient at the plate. This would allow everyone to see what the pitcher was doing, what his delivery was like.

Now that I think about it, the Sox haven't been patient against several of the new pitchers they have faced. Too many times, I have seen Ray Durham and Royce Clayton swing at the first pitch they see. Clayton is just a terrible hitter, so I don't think it would make much difference what he does, but Durham should not be doing this. As the number two hitter and occasional leadoff man, is his primary responsibility to get on base any way he can. This does include taking a walk every so often. Swinging at the first pitch is not an effective way to get on base. It just makes the pitcher's job easier. He is able to relax because he knows he won't have to work hard to get anyone out.

I'm sure Wood might have had an eaiser day had Durham not walked three times, which hadn't happened in some time, if I remember correctly. I hope Durham can continue what he started this afternoon, assuming his is able to play against the Phillies.