View Full Version : The problems with this team...and a few comments

06-16-2002, 06:08 PM
1.) Does Carlos Lee stay in the 3 spot? I think so. If he starts hitting like his potential, even its from the 3 hole, that would be great. That would really up his trade value. I am the first one to say get rid of him, even if he has 7 more RBIs tomorrow. We need to get him going to trade him.
2.) Have you noticed the amount of clearly "one-sided " players we have on this team? Lets take a look

Lee-Offensive and defensive enigma
Valentin-Decent offense, BAD defense
Clayton-Above Average D, enemic Offense
Mark Johnson-Cant hit a lick, I would say a TAD above average defense
Liefer-Good stick, bad "D"
Thomas-We know about him.

Thats 6 players that are completly ONE-SIDED. That is the biggest problem with this team, no doubt. The pitching has been there. Its the lack of Defense/Offense, which has to all do with the position players.

I cant find the Jerry Manuel picture for some reason, but he and Nardi dont help much, either.