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06-11-2002, 09:59 AM
OK, it's now June 11. The Sox have lost 12 of their last fifteen games and fallen 6 games behind the Twins. They have averaged a pathetic 3.5 rpg over this stretch. Take out the 13 run explosion against the Expos and it drops to 2.8. What was thought to be this team's one strength has suddenly disappeared with no signs of returning. Although suprisingly, the pitching has seemed to have stepped up to at least make the games close. It's just too bad the Sox can't win a close game to save their lives. They have yet to face the Twins but those 19 games loom very large. They could gain or lose ground very quickly depending on how those games go. So, my question is... when do we start worrying? I keep hearing everyone say that it's still early... they are only X amount of games out and the division is weak... the hitting will come around eventually...

I just wanted to know if there was an exact date or event that we should wait for. After they drop to third place? Fourth place? After the break? After running a losing streak to double-digits? After making another no-name pitcher looking like Cy Young? After white flag II? After the strike in August?

C'mon guys, help me out. I want to make sure I'm here when we can officially start panicking.

Procol Harum
06-11-2002, 10:11 AM
Hmmmmm, lemme think, IWC. I would say, personally, that I will switch to panic mode should we lose this series against the Muts, if we lose the series against the Flubs (Lord, save us!), and if the Twins continue to win (a HUGE win for them last night in 15 against Atlanta after blowing a 5-0 lead) and pick up another 3 games on us this week. At that point, 9 games down in mid-June, long-time Sox fans have earned their right to panic.

06-11-2002, 11:14 AM
Our weak division and the unbalanced schedule gives the Sox much greater life than they otherwise deserve. So let me start by stating this: the point of your question is moot if we don't start winning. We need to start winning games NOW to avoid falling too far beneath .500. The way we're playing, this reasonable expectation seems a tall order to fulfill.

Having said that, this team could easily maintain division championship aspirations through July. We will have played nine games against Minnesota by then, and 15 against Cleveland.

It depends on whether we can stay in second place. If we do, we shouldn't panic until late-July. If not, it wouldn't be too early to start panicking before the end of this month. The whole season is in the balance the next 10 weeks, and nothing much matters if we don't start winning in the next 2-3 weeks.

These are anxious times for Sox Fans. We need to start winning games again--forget about the standings.

Oh one more thing--with a strike looming, it probably won't make any difference. :(: