View Full Version : Should We Take A page From Blue Jays

06-11-2002, 08:47 AM
Should we take a page from the blue jays and fire our manager. They've won I think five straight and are playing pretty good baseball. Do we now do the same , maybe it will light a fire under some of these players butts. I was at the last two games with the expos and last nights game against the mets and one night after scoring 13 runs on 15 hits we can't buy a hit. It looks like this team is always looking for the big inning we are'nt going to hit humeruns all the time, last when the Sox are goin good Franks long drive, Rowands long drive, Maggs long drive allgo out but they don't and we make another pitcher look like the 2nd coming of Cy Young. Ray looks terrible leading off and he's fielding like someone who's just been put at that position. Something needs to be done and whether you hate Manuel or love him the only way to light a fire under this team is to fire him. We still have a chance to take this division , but I said it before we came home to start the series with K.C. that if they can't sweep one or two of these series I thought that J.R. & K.W. would have to fire the manager. They lost that game last night and it looks like this team does'nt care and I think when a team gos through something like this its up to the manager and coaches to get them back on track and if they can't do it ,like I think is happening with the Sox;then this staff has to go. :smile: Go White Sox

06-11-2002, 08:53 AM
I think the Fire Jerry Manuel contingent has been quite prevalent for a while now. I don't think it's all Jerry's fault, but we've become a team of guys swinging for the fences when that isn't necessarily what is needed. It's the manager's job to manage the mindsets of the players and steer their approach to hitting and scoring. Right now, the approach is to swing hard and hope it goes out and that approach seems to start at the number two hitter and extend through the middle of the lineup all the way to the bottom, with the rare exceptions being Mark Johnson and Graffanino and sometimes, Frank Thomas, who appears to be swinging at butterflies or something.