View Full Version : Nationals Hire Riggleman as Manager

11-11-2009, 07:27 PM

I don't exactly know what he did to impress them last season, but I guess there isn't much one can do with a team like the Nationals...

11-11-2009, 07:39 PM
It's not really going to matter who's managing that team until they get some actual talent.

I'm sure they'll keep hiring and firing managers as a solution until then.

Smokey Burg
11-12-2009, 12:55 PM
I think it is a perfect match. A mediocre to sub-par (.440 as a manager) skipper on a low to no talent team that might not be a consistent winner in a Municipal League. Besides, he has plenty of experience managing crappy teams. Each team has to have manager, they probably got him cheap. I bet that a large part of his compensation includes a couple of hot dogs, a beer, and a clean uniform for each game.

11-12-2009, 01:03 PM
I'm guessing that Valentine took a look and said, nay. They need to draft Harper and have Strasburg fulfill his promise. Then somebody would think about managing them.