View Full Version : The Best Path For Caballo

06-08-2002, 02:45 PM
We can all bitch and moan about having Carlos cut or traded but with the impending strike and his crappy season thus far no trade would bring us anything useful. I'd suggest a trip back to the minors to get his head straight. We've all seen the past 3 years how dangerous of a hitter he can be and aside from his fielding he was a huge part of the foundation of the Sox. In no way do i support the way he has been playing recently and I am not stciking up for that, its just plain sucked, but his potential is still something i don't want to lose. My plan is to keep him out of the starting line up until he can prove he's back to his old self at the plate, possibly at Charlotte. My question is, that players only have so many trips back and forth from the minors until they can be subject to the rule 5 draft. I believe however that Caballos first trip has been his only trip since he hit his frist at bat Home Run he has been with the Sox ever since so there should be no problem with sending him back to AAA. Is that correctand is there really any other option right now?