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08-21-2009, 03:05 AM
The final 11 days of August are really gonna play big in how the divisions and wild card plays out, as their are several huge series for division and wild card.
AL East
Boston- 3 v NYY, 4 v CWS, 3 v TOR.
New York- 3 @ BOS, 3 v TEX, 3 v CWS, 1 @ BAL
Tampa Bay- 3 v TEX, 3 @ TOR, 4 @ DET

Boston could find themselves out of the division race, and fighting for the wild card by the middle of next week. New York could have complete control of the division or be very well neck and neck with Boston for the division and Texas for the wild card. Tampa Bay needs to play grat consistent baseball to have any chance of over taking Boston or Texas for the wild card.

AL Central
DET- 3 @ OAK, 3 @ LAA, 4 v TB
CWS- 3 v BAL, 4 @ BOS, 3 @ NYY, 1 @ MIN
MIN- 3 @ KC, 3 v BAL, 3 v TEX, 1 v CWS

Detroit could very well take control of this division if they play well and win most of their games, otherwise it could become a very close 3 way race. The Sox have the toughest schedule but could get some help from the AL West and save the Sox season. If the Sox play bad though and lose 7 or 8 games which they very well could depending on what team shows up they could be to far back for them to overcome. Minnesota has the easiest schedule so they could find themselves right back in it if the Tigers and Sox don't play well.

AL West
LAA- 3 @ TOR, 3 v DET, 4 v OAK, 1 @ SEA
TEX- 3 @ TB, 3 @ NYY, 3 @ MIN, 1 v TOR

The Angels have a great oppurtunity to pretty much coast into October with their schedule being easier, playing great baseball, and with Texas having the toughest schedule next to the Sox for playoff contending teams. Texas will either be done and serve as an end of the season spoiler to those teams in contention or keep itself in great position to make a run at the wild card or potentially division.

NL East
PHI- 4 @ NYM, 3 @ PIT, 3 v ATL
ATL- 3 v FLA, 3 v SD, 3 @ PHI, 1 @ FLA
FLA- 3 @ ATL, 3 v NYM, 3 v SD, 1 v ATL

Philidelphia has a real good chance to put away this division with an easy schedule, and Atlanta and Florida playing each other 4 times before months end, and 3 times to start september. Atlanta or Florida could get back into the division race if Colorado and San Fransico split the 7 games they face each other 4-3 in before months end and Phili falters a little bit.

NL Central
STL- 3 @ SD, 3 v HOU, 3 v WSH
CHC- 3 @ LAD, 3 v WSH, 3 v NYM, 1 v HOU

St. Louis could have the division wrapped up this weekend if they take the series in San Diego, and the Cubs lose theirs 3-1 or 4-0. I do not see the Cubs being able to come back from such a large deficit. The Cubs best hope is for the wild card and with a weak schedule and the Giants Rockies series they could be back in the hunt along with Atlanta and Florida. If they drop most of their games and either the Rockies or Giants take most of theirs the Cubs season is done.

NL West
LAD- 3 v CHC, 3 @ COL, 3 @ CIN, 1 v ARI
COL- 4 v SF, 3 v LAD, 3 @ SF
SF- 4 @ COL, 3 v ARI, 3 v COL,

Los Angeles could find itself in second place for the first time all season if it doesnt play well these next 11 days. Colorado could potentially have a share of first place come tuesday morning when the Dodgers and Rockies play each other. With Dodger pitching issues and Colorado playing great it very well could happen. San Fransico could find itself on top of the wild card standings come Monday and has the same potential as Colorado to overtake the division.

The next 11 days are gonna be fun to watch, as September could very well become not that meaningful for a lot of teams in the thick of things. It could also place some teams that look out of their divisions or the wild card, right back in it

08-21-2009, 04:50 AM
You just had to go and get my stomach in a knot. I think the Sox are going to have a tough time against Boston, so maybe we split if we're lucky. We really need to sweep the Orioles and win the Yankee series. I don't now if this team can do that. They seem to always come up short this season when they really need it. Hopefully they start clicking on all gears.

08-21-2009, 09:20 AM
Count me in as one of the few who loves this tough schedule down the stretch.

You have to earn it to win it.

No more playing down to the competition.

08-21-2009, 11:33 AM
Glad we miss beckett vs Boston even tho he got shelled last time out.
Still, Lester is tough.
Hope we miss CC and Burnett vs the yanks.
hope the Twins are buried by the time we get up there and Morneau is on the dl.
Hope the cubs are dead when we go into wrigley and we face dempster.