View Full Version : We wouldnt lose much from another White Flag II

06-05-2002, 09:34 AM
I think White Flag II would be great, since we made such a great trade in '97. Thats what everyone says, anyway. Lets look at the players, shall we?

Darwin, Hernandez, Alverez for...
Foulke, Caruso, Barcelo, Howry, Vining, and some other no name.

We got the better of this trade, but as of this year, not really. Barcelo's injured, AGAIN. Caruso, who knows? Vining isn't going to pitch up here. Howry, solid. Foulke, very good, but not this year.

So if we make another "White Flag II" trade Valentin or Clayton, CLee, Lofton (yes lofton, hes at his highest value point right now, and we could get something nice in return and Durham. Stick Rowand in there, and put Borchard in Left, Harris at Second. I REALLY dont think we lose a lot at any of those positions.) AND I want something that could help, NOW, and if not NOW, then NEXT YEAR. Forget this minor league crap. Somebody that has shown something in the majors but isnt consistant enough to stay up here (LIKE Carlos Pena) (not saying I want him.)