View Full Version : Sox Overall Number One Picks

06-04-2002, 04:48 PM
2002 Roger Ring, lhp, (18c)
2001 Kris Honel, rhp (16h) (from Florida Marlins)
2000 Joseph E. Borchard, of (12c)
1999 Jason Stumm, rhp (15h)
Matt Ginter, rhp (22c) - from New York Mets for Robin Ventura
1998 Robert "Kip" Wells, rhp (16c)
1997 Jason Dellaero, ss-rhp (15c)
1996 Bobby Seay, lhp (12h) - did not sign (declared free agent)
1995 Jeff Liefer, if-of (25c)
1994 Mark Johnson, c (26h)
Chris Clemons, rhp (33c) - for losing Ellis Burks from Rockies
1993 Scott Christman, lhp (17c)
1992 Eddie Pearson, 1b (24c)
1991 Scott Ruffcorn, rhp (25c)
1990 Alex Fernandez, rhp (4c)
1989 Frank Thomas, 1b (7c)
1988 Robin Ventura, 3b (10c)
1987 Jack McDowell, rhp (5c)
1986 Grady Hall, lhp (20c)
1985 Kurt Brown, c (5h)
1984 Tony Menendez, rhp (20h)
Tom Hartley, of (26h)
1983 Joel Davis, rhp (13h) - for losing Steve Kemp to Yankees
none - for signing Floyd Bannister
Russ Morman, of-1b (28c) - for losing Bill Almon to Oakland
1982 Ron Karkovice, c (14h)
1981 Daryl Boston, of (7h)
1980 Cecil Espy, of (8h)
1979 Steve Buechele, ss (9h)
Ricky Seilheimer, c (19h) - for losing Steve Stone
1978 none - for signing Ron Blomberg
1977 Harold Baines, 1b-of (1h)
1976 Steve Trout, lhp (8h)
1975 Chris Knapp, p (11c)
1974 Larry Monroe, p (8h)
1973 Steve Swisher, c (21c)
1972 Mike Ondina, of (12h)
1971 Danny Goodwin, c (1h)
1970 Lee Richard, ss (6c)
1969 Theodore Nicholson, 3b (3h)
1968 Rich McKinney, ss-3b (13c)
1967 William Haynes, 3b (13h)
1966 Carlos May, of (18h)
1965 Ken Plesha, c (17c)

c - out of college
h - out of high school