View Full Version : Well I am being kinda optimistic: My plan for the Sox

06-01-2002, 12:34 PM
This isn't too in depth. The bottom line is the Sox have so much raw talent is unbelievable. Its only June and we have more than half the season to go.

I think the first step that should be made is to can Nardi and JM. That will shake things up a bit and hopefully put us in the right direction. There has to be a good manager out there somewhere sitting on his ass. How about Felipe Alou or Buck Showalter? Someone with experience.

The bottom line is this team isn't far from being awesome. Now I know that you can say that about a lot of teams, but most teams are like a few players away from being good. The Sox have the players they just need to get there.

Paul Konerko is there. I never pictured this guy hitting more than 35 HRs but he is getting so many hits and RBIs its fine. Mags is playing slightly below par and Frank is very under par. If they can get back to 2000 leavel of play that should be enough for this lineup to start scoring a ton of runs again.

Mark Buerhle has showed us time and again he is the real deal. Jon Garland has been my guy for two years now. I have been saying for a long time that he is gonna be the man bejind Burly. Yea he is 5-4 with an ERA around 5.00 And even though he lost his las start his last two starts have been really good. If he gets over the hump he could be a quality No 2. guy.

Todd Ritchie has become what everyone though, a fair 3rd starter. He has last his last four starts and his last 2 have been pretty much as bad as you could get. Now I am sure he will get that ERA back down to 4.00 but not much lower. Nevertheless he provides a decent arm at the number 3 spot.

Rocky Biddle is ready. No doubt about it. Lets give him in and we have another strong starter in there. Add Dan Wright and that rounds out a decent rotation.

The bullpen is where things die. In 2000 the Sox had Sean Lowe and Bill Simas both who are gone now. In their place they have Antonio Osuna and Damaso Marte. I think Marte, Wunsch, and Ginter can be a solid relief core. Especially if Bob Howry can stay where he is right now. I think Keith Foulkes only problem is that he doesn't pitch enough. He has only been in 21 games and not too many lately. GEt him out there and let him pitch

I know this is a long post but I think this is all the Sox need....