View Full Version : This is getting really bad...

05-31-2002, 08:43 PM
This is getting sad. They get hits, and actually load the bases. What does Manuel do? Let his putridly hitting SS go up there. I know it's the fifth, but this is also the fifth game in a row they are lined up to lose. You have to take risks sometimes, why not then? Something has to change, be it demotions (ala the As), managerial changes (ala half the league, or so it seems). I doubt KW will have the balls (or brains) to do anything to shake it up. I am not blaming JM or KW or NC in this post, just merely stating the obvious - changes need to be made now before it's too late.

05-31-2002, 09:21 PM
that S.O.B. choice has got to go! He belongs with the cubs!! :angry: