View Full Version : Manuel - EAT YOUR STATS!

06-01-2002, 04:05 AM
So maybe this ain't new to anybody, but when will Jerry-boy ever manage from the gut? Sweet Lou seems to thrive on this with the M's, but no so with our "fearful" leader.

The Yankee train wreck was just another in a long list of f-ups based on managing by the book. From pitching/hitting matchups to that magic 100 pitch count, I'm about ready to give up! How the hell did Koufax, Wynn, Young, Drysdale, Gibson, Seaver etc. ever keep their arms in check? I'm sure they had more than a few complete games, eh?

I could understand pulling Garland, but why the hell did Manuel stick Rockhead in? Even for his flaws I would rather see Osuna take on the challenge. As for Buhrle, I'm just sick. Heaven forbid we let our ace try and tough it out! I'm sure Mark feels real confident right now in his abilities to get though a complete game unless he goes freakin perfect for the last 3 innings.

As for batting, I loved how Jerry-boy left both Clayton and Johnson in the 9th on Wednesday. What for, batting matchups? Yea, they might work SOME of the time, but come on!

Ah crap, unless Jerry-boy can manage with his heart more than his head, then I'm all for canning him.

- Mitch :angry: