View Full Version : C. J. Retherford

05-07-2009, 08:45 AM
I wish that the organization would start grooming this guy as a future catcher.
I don't care which team he plays on, and whether he eventually becomes their regular, or back up catcher. That would likely depend a lot on what they ultimately decide to do with Flowers. Apparently there is still some doubt as to whether Flowers belongs behind the plate, or at First.

At any rate, Retherford's coach at ASU believed that catching was his best opportunity for a future in baseball. Apparently the guy can play almost anywhere, and is a real baseball "rat".

Hawk Harrelson loves this guy, as do many other people who have seen him play. C. J. is a doubles machine. He set a Pioneer League record with 30 2B's in just 261 at bats in 2007. He already has 8 in just 69 at bats this year.

I don't know why they are using him at second. How many more middle infielders does this organization need? He has played a lot of third as well, but I'd still love to see him work on becoming a catcher.