View Full Version : Anyone remember Bo McLaughlin?

04-19-2009, 09:13 PM
There's an article in this week's SI about players getting hurt by balls hitting them in the head. The article mentions Bo McLaughlin of Oakland, who on May 26 1981 was hit by a line drive by Harold Baines. The ball shattered his cheek bone, broke his eye socket in five places, and fractured his jaw and nose. He went into shock and needed two surgeries to fix his cheekbone and eye socket. Both players were affected by this. Baines fell into a .143 slump. Fortunately, McLaughlin gained a sense of humor about this incident. He made it back to the majors and faced Baines again in September of the same year. His catcher called for an outside sinker, the same pitch in the same location that Baines hit off his face. McLaughlin stepped off the mound and laughed before throwing a fastball instead. He also says that he has video of the incident and plays it at parties.

Does anyone remember this happening? And was anyone watching the game at the time?

Lip Man 1
04-19-2009, 09:48 PM
I read the story and I remember the game. It was a bad, bad shot to the head.

For a minute or so I honestly thought he was dead.

I was surprised the story didn't mention future White Sox shortstop Alan Bannister who when he was in college, killed a Japanese player when his throw from short hit him in the head running to first base.