View Full Version : 2009 MLB Team Marketing Slogans

Foulke You
04-05-2009, 01:40 AM
I usually like to see what the other new marketing slogans are around baseball at this time of year. This list is not complete but here is what I've got so far from the team's website mastheads:

Anaheim Angels- "FAN Faithful"
Oakland Athletics- "100% Athletics, 100% Baseball"
Houston Astros- "Celebrating 10 Seasons at Minute Maid Park"
Atlanta Braves- "The Thrill of Turner Field"
St Louis Cardinals- "MLB All Star Game 2009"
Chicago Cubs- "2008 NL Central Champions"
Los Angeles Dodgers- "Dodgertown USA"
San Francisco Giants- "Your SF Giants"
Cleveland Indians- "Are you IN the Tribe?"
Seattle Mariners- "Mariners Baseball. A New Day. A New Way."
Florida Marlins- "It's Where You Wanna Be!"
Baltimore Orioles- "This is Birdland"
San Diego Padres- "40th Anniversary 1969-2009"
Philadelphia Phillies- "2008 World Series Champions" (The one I'm jealous of)
Pittsburgh Pirates- "Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates."
Texas Rangers- "Built For Fun"
Tampa Bay Rays- "2008 AL Champions"
Kansas City Royals- "40th Anniversary 1969-2009"
Detroit Tigers- "Always a Tiger"
Minnestoa Twins- "This is Twins Territory"
Chicago White Sox- "There are Traditions, and there are White Sox Traditions"
New York Yankees- "Yankee Stadium- Inaugural Season"

If anyone has any of the other missing teams like the Brewers, Nationals, etc. feel free to add it to this thread.