View Full Version : Interesting article on the physics of pitching

03-25-2009, 01:13 PM
I stumbled across this article (http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/329/lectures/node41.html) on the physics of pitching. It looks as the basic principles that affect a pitch, and then compares how different pitches behave.

I have also been considering the effects of temperature, humidity, and altitude on hitting. I have heard people talk about how the ball flies out of the Cell on humid summer days. Density of air is what is affected, and because the drag force on the ball is directly proportional to density, the distance the ball travels will also be affected. Now, at sea level on a 90 degree day, the difference in density between 0% humidity and 95% humidity is only about a 1.5% decrease. It turns out that temperature is a much bigger factor: a 95 degree day has about 6.5% less density than a 60 degree day. But altitude is the biggest factor. When going from sea level to a mile high (Denver), the density drops by over 19%.

I'll post again when I've calculated what these differences in density would do to the distance a ball travels.