View Full Version : The Cutter and Coop

03-22-2009, 02:09 PM
After watching some of the videos on MLB.com and hearing John Danks talk, I've realized Coop must be able to teach the cut fastball better than a lot of other pitching coaches. Danks has talked about his cutter, Contreras has mentioned it this spring after working on it last year. Obviously everyone remembers Loaiza developing his cutter and that turned him into a 20 game winner. Of course there is Buerhle and his. I think even Jenks has a cutter. It would be interesting if someone would be able to ask a player about Coop and what he does to teach the cutter.

Foulke You
03-22-2009, 02:18 PM
You can add Esteban Loaiza to that list as well of Sox pitchers who added a cutter in the Cooper era. Some of it could be Cooper's teachings but keep in mind that the cutter is pretty much the designer pitch these days and a lot of pitchers are using with success so if they want to continue to get big league hitters out, they had better adapt. As far as Cooper's teaching ability, from what I've read and heard, he seems to be good at simplifying the approach for pitchers to get them to not think about a hundred different things on the mound.