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02-27-2009, 04:12 AM
I recently purchased a Stadium Club pass and I have a few questions. If you have them, you can go into the Stadium Club no mater what section you have tickets for right? And can you sit in the Stadium Club the whole game? Or will they give you the boot after an inning or so? Thank you for your time and help.

02-27-2009, 12:14 PM
I use the guest passes from the season ticket-holder that I buy my games from. You may use the Stadium club no matter where your tickets are. I've never done the full buffet dinner so can only speak to the bar area. The first two rows of the bar area, directly by the windows, are available by reservation only and cost extra. The rest of the Stadium Club is basically first-come, first-served, and you may stay there for the entire game if you choose, or go in and out if you choose. Unlike the picnic area, it does not shut down during the game. I believe that for dinner there are two defined seating times, with a limited amount of walk-ins allowed, otherwise it is reservation-only. Seating is either pre-game or during game - if you have pre-game, you will have to leave (although you could migrate to the bar) so as to accomodate the game-time reservations. The Stadium Club may be accessed from ground level, from the lower level and from the Club level and it opens before the gates do. You will not be able to access the Club level from the Stadium Club unless you have a ticket for the Club seats, there is an usher that checks tickets at the door. They do not take cash in the Stadium club, only credit cards or put it in your account.

02-27-2009, 12:20 PM
I've put a document together to give to the people who buy my seats which explains most of it. Here it is.

02-28-2009, 12:22 AM
Thanks for the help guys :smile: