View Full Version : Where have you gone, Mike Royko?

05-23-2002, 04:04 PM
Mike Royko is my favorite writer and I miss him to this day. He
also happened to be the most sensible Cub fan on planet Earth.
If he were here today, I've no doubt he'd write an article about
the Prior hype, the tone of which would be "you people are all
goofy." I also believe he'd invoke the names of Dick Drott, Moe
Drabowsky, Mike Harkey and other "can't miss" prospects that
missed by a mile. He wouldn't want Prior to fail, he'd simply tell
the goofs in the media to just chill out about the kid. He might've
even tossed in a sentence or two about pudgy sportswriters.
Mike, I miss you.

05-23-2002, 06:28 PM
Mike was my favorite, too. Even his Cub articles were acceptable as he was generally ranting about how yuppies had replaced true bums as Cub fans.

When the Cubbies put in lights back in '88, he wrote of the differences in being a Cub fan in the modern era versus the the old days: "Yes, it is a new era. The only thing that remains the same is that the team stunk then and it stinks now. The biggest difference back then was that nobody was stupid enough to pay a grand to watch a bunch of losers."