View Full Version : The more I think of it (a way to help this team)

05-22-2002, 02:22 AM
I know that many of us have been down on Nardi lately, with various reasons such as he isn't teaching our pitchers to pitch the way they should, as well as many others. Part of the reason we have had so many pitchers going down dating back to last year is that Nardi isn't using them properly. Good pitching staffs start with good pitching coaches. If we are to have a dominating pitching staff, we must have a pitching coach who knows the art of pitching. After serious pondering, I have come up with the formula that might solidify our pitching staff, and I am thinking that hiring Cal Eldred as our pitching staff might just be what the doctor ordered! Cal's been around baseball for a while and displayed some good pitching when he was finishing his career here. He's also got the knowledge that pitching coaches need. If we replace Nardi with Cal, our pitchin staff will reap good benefits.

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