View Full Version : Great Old Comiskey Tribute

12-07-2008, 11:02 PM
This aired back in 1990 on some channel called ETC and is currently available to be seen at FuzzyMemories.TV, here's the link:


Some great clips there. I apologize if this is not allowed, but I know that there have been other links from fuzzymemories posted. So, here it is! It's a several part series, and I didn't want to post of all of them, but there are some great clips in that second one as well Jeff Toroborg telling Sox fans about the "future big impact player" named Frank Thomas (whatever happened to him?), praising Ozzie Guillen's play at short as "something special" and Carlton Fisk as being "on the way to the Hall of Fame"; also mentioned are Ivan Calderon, Sammy Sosa, Scott Fletcher and Bobby Thigpen.