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05-21-2002, 06:19 PM
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Posted by: iu76perfect (3688 Msgs) 1:37PM PDT, May 21, 2002

The reds need pitching help, is there anyway to make a trade with them that can help both teams? Perhaps one of these three palkyers can be obtained via trade,austin kearns,encarnacion or sean casey. Is this un-needed ? Austin kearns would be a great pick up for the cubs and they(reds) can win without him. They need pitching. Perhaps jason bere and tom gordon for a pair of reds ? Any thoughts?

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Why on earth would Cincinatti trade one of their OFers of the future for a bad journeyman starter and an injured closer they don't need?

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u could possibly get a bag of baseballs for bere and gordon....maybe some catching equipment...get real man!

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Posted by: Bruno7481 (22 Msgs) 2:34PM PDT, May 21, 2002

I don't know if I can take it. One down, 17 to go. He has already driven me crazy.

Annoyance # 1 --> Use of the word "inauspicious" I think he has used it three times already.

Annoyance # 2 --> keeps referring to Sunday's win over Milwaukee as a huge win. Cubs were luck to even win it. Wasn't a huge game.

Another "Launch Pad" Flubbie realist...

im glad to see bere is showing he belongs in the rotation. I think the cubs are one of the few teams with a worst offense then the pirates but hey bere can make them look like mantle just like our batters make every pitcher look like cy young

Soon...despair sets in...

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Posted by: canlmd82 (57 Msgs) 3:07PM PDT, May 21, 2002

we are the worst team ever, we can't even beat the brewers and the pirates. sell the team.

Bringing on the annual loveable loser credo...

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Posted by: canlmd82 (57 Msgs) 3:11PM PDT, May 21, 2002

like we have been saying for many years now. when will this maddness end!

Another Flubbie realist on Prior's impact on the team...

Who cares, Prior will be 0-10 with a 0.50 ERA.

And finally some Fantasy Baseball advice...

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Posted by: abuck1220 (605 Msgs) 3:36PM PDT, May 21, 2002

pick who ever is pitching vs. the cubs. ruben quevedo? pick him up. jimmy anderson? he's a keeper. jose cabrera? he's good. everett stull? you betcha.

Always a nice way to relieve our current worries, go to Scrubs troll board. :)

05-21-2002, 06:37 PM
Just tuned into the Flubbie game and almost spit out my lasagna when I saw the score -- 12-0 Pirates!

"Bombs Away" Bere indeed!