View Full Version : jim rome interviews the big hurt from beantown

05-21-2002, 04:59 PM
just saw it today as jim interviews the big hurt from boston...rome was so impressed with thomas that eventhough it was only supposed to be one segment jim ask frank to hang through a commercial break so they could do another segment...probably the best interview thomas ever gave..very natural and honest..

jim asked about the normal stuff..last years injury, franks dad passing and his divorce..frank said it was very hard and his first at bat this year really hurt because he always talked to his dad right before game time on opening day and this was the first time that didnt happen...

jim asked if frank was bitter about moving to the 5 hole...frank said he actually approached manuel with the idea because although frank was drawing walks and getting on base and he was providing rbi opportunites for maggs and paul he wasnt hitting like he should be and felt he could protect maggs and paul better in the 5 hole and they could just "do their thing" batting ahead of him..and said he is really surprised at all the RBI opportunities he is getting in the 5 hole so he is happy there..said he is having alot of fun because he feels like he doesnt have to carry this team on his back...other guys can step up when he fails and carry the team for awhile...he said that the big hurt is close to getting back on track..when the weather heats up so will the hurt..

jim asked him about the possibility of a strike...frank said he doesnt want one and really hopes their isnt one...the world has changed alot since '94 and a strike would be much more disasterous to the game than in '94...he said baseball is going real good now and the last thing needed is a strike..he wants both sides to sit down right now and work things...said there is enough for both sides to be happy...frank also said there are alot more important things going on in the world right now and it wouldnt be right for baseball to try and upstage those things with a strike...

he was asked about trading for a veteran pitcher..frank said we should explore that possibility in a month or so..asked if it took trading carlos lee or ray durham to get it done he said..boy thats tough cause those two are real close friends so i hope not but i understand how things work (kind of a hint one or both might be gone soon?)

finally he was asked about canseco and steriods..said he hopes jose comes back cause he's a really nice guy and he feels jose has a couple more years left..rome asked frank about jose saying steriod use was 85%..frank said maybe jose has some inside info but thats kinda high..rome asked frank what he though the number was and frank said about 25% (thats still 6 or 7 players on a team)..frank said he hoped in the next bargaining agreement they would include steriods testing because he knows how hard it is to hit a "clean" home run...when asked if he would read jose's book he said yes im looking forward to it..but i know a few guys who arnt (lol)...

thought it was a great interview