View Full Version : Wake up Call

OEO Magglio
05-20-2002, 09:56 PM
Does everyone remember in 2000 when Jeff Abbott hit a homer in the bottom of the 9th, and that got our team jump started, we need something like that right now, a late inning ralley, or we need to shake up something like fire Manuel, or make a trade and get on more starting pitcher.

duke of dorwood
05-20-2002, 10:01 PM
This team just hasn't been close enough in late innings to have one of those comeback finishes. A major trade may wake some people up-but not the manager

05-21-2002, 05:09 AM
You want changes? How about ballgirls that can catch. Maybe that should be a requirement since it is the only duty the job requires. I am sick of seeing a girl that doesn't even appreciate what a dream job she has. They sit there in their coats, all bundled up and make errors. This one girl in Miller Park is a Gold Glover. Thats how they all should be. And is it asking too much to get them to wear a thong and bikini top? That will wake up the team, or at least the outfielders.

05-21-2002, 08:20 AM
I think if we make some trades then maybe some people will start waking up. I still vote for trading Ray for some pitching.