View Full Version : Let's pretend....

05-20-2002, 09:29 PM
Say you're the owner of a major league club with limited resources. Your attendance isn't very good so you can't spend a lot of money on players. So you decide that in order to be successful, you must build a solid farm system. Sound good? OK, your organization was voted Organization of the Year, based on the fact that your upstart team just won a division and youv'e got a highly touted group young pitchers knocking at the door.

Now here's two questions - When your GM steps down, do you A. promote a guy who has been in baseball for 25 years, or B. promote the guy with less exerience? Or, given the fact that your organization is at an improtant crossroads in its existence, do you perhaps go outside the organization and pay to get the brightest and best young GM available?

Second question....Lets also suppose you the owner, hates to spend money on high-priced pitchers. But you do have this highly touted group of young pitchers that will dteremine whether you suceed or fail. Do you A.- hire a pitching coach with a marginal track record who seems to have a serious problem of keeping pitchers healthy? or B. go out and hire the best pitching coach available???

Sound familiar?