View Full Version : Amen 08 is ovah!!!

10-06-2008, 09:34 PM
As we sit and most depress in gloom, i Da rev is already over the 08 season.
It was a year of ups n downs roller coasta's and Space Mountains.
It was started as we had NO chance, NO CHANCE by baseball Medieites.
Well we proved them Wrong-a, Baseball prospectus said 72 or so wins we won 87.
We made the Playoffs one of 4 lucky teams, we fought back strongly but were defeated.
Get over it!!!!
Im allready lookin at next years schedule, a very nice April awaits us.
KW is on da phone NOw, making Trade talks.
We will Rise up stronger than ever, we know what we need.
We came close, but not good enough.
We watched the Series Champs in April Cubs falter a lot worse than we did.
Get over this year, Im in 09 already, anticipating soxfest
Spring Training and Opening Day in 6 montrhs from now.
Gewt over it. we did great, we proved we can win.
We are sox fans, who are optomistic, a few dark cloud will linger here.
But i say screw them, im so pumped for 2009
Lets start tommorow, I cant wait til feb 15 for pitchers n catcha's.
We will wear black all season next year, out of the Bllue into the Black.
R.I.P. o8 saeason, it was fun, it was exciting it was whitesox baseball.
So have a great winter, hold your heads high, we proved we are Winners.

10-07-2008, 09:08 AM

"Mercy! I had almost forgotten about the book of Medietes, feisty! Right between Leviticus and Numbers!"