View Full Version : Most Interesting: Freddy Garcia would pitch the makeup game

09-26-2008, 10:38 AM
Guess the Tigers are on a six man rotation b/c Garcia pitched on the 23rd and could pitch on the 28th. But, looks like he would be pitching on 5 days rest on the 29th.

Garcia, the dude, who pitched the last game of 2005 World Series. He could be in a spot to try to end the WHITE SOX season OR force a final game between Twins and WHITE SOX

The good thing is that I think that he is still working on building his arm strength. He probably isn't in best form right now. Was hit pretty hard by KC in his last start. Maybe that would be a good matchup for us: Floyd #34 vs Garcia #34.

However, Garcia has always been a big game pitcher, however this really isn't a big game for the Tigers. But, does Garcia want to prove something against his former team.

Thus, we have to root against one of our World Series heroes and this would be his first game against his former team

Also, Ozzie Guillen and Garcia are close friends, both from Venezuela. Both guys are revered in their country. Both are very proud of their country. What would they think about this in Venezuela? I am sure that they would love to see Ozzie Guillen back in the playoffs.

Also, I once heard the Garcia was dating or married to Ozzie Guillen's cousin. I don't know if this is true or just a rumor.

Very interesting. This has international implications. hahaha!