View Full Version : Our Young Pitchers and other teams young'uns

09-16-2008, 05:01 PM
I know overall Bway and Richards have been mediocre at best...ok just bad but I think we need to understand/consider the diffrence of young pitchers pitching for the SOX vs. those that pitch for TB (the old TB), Florida, Oakland, Cleve even the Twins (to soem extent) etc...essentiay teams in smaller markets that don't get the fan or media scrutinity we have here and worse in Boston, Philly and NY. Through in the fact we are in a difficult pennant race that only magnifies the presssure. In fact the "Old" Detroit falls into this category as well Bonderman, Robertson and Verlander). They are able to throw their young pictures out there with little or no expectations and little or no pressure from the media or fans. This worked well for Detroit a few years back and even was our method back when we had Black-jack, Fernandez and Bere.

We sort of did this with Danks and Floyd as our #5's a a couple years back and now we are reaping that fruit. Jon Lester (pre-cancer) was not the Lester he was today but he was a spot starter a couple of years back. The Twins allowed Slowey, Baker, Blackburn and Perskins to grow this year and bringing Liriano back gave them the boost they needed mid-season. I guess my point being only in exceptions ala Joba Chamberlin or the Papelbon's of the world most young'un's take some time. Even TB is using thsi formula this year after a coupe of "weening" yaers with the same staff. Yes good drafting comes in to play but having the luxury to "build" a team over a few years only is an option for the TB's, Fla, Clev, Oak etc... teams. After 2005 and really since 200 we are no longer a team that re-builds...we have to re-load.