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09-15-2008, 04:14 PM
Through the glaum of a rainy weekend, and sox hopes dashed by many non believers
A Godsend in the name of Dewayne Wise. battled thru the gloom and infront of a loud, proud crowd
Mr wise prevailed, though he should never had to. thanks to Dotel.
But all is forgiven Octavio, we still won, and are on our way to another division title.
Look out NY here we come, stronger than Any Hurricane , we will Win out.
WSox- Baseball Gods favorite Team.Have the baseball heavenly sent blessings.
Non-Believers still naying, in their feeble minds, thinking "we dont deserve it"
But Alas we do, as the two and 1/2 day, 51 hour rain delay started at 4 pm Sunday
150 or so brave Souls, showed up and were treated to a performance by Javy, Throwing his 2000th strikeout
That quickly
sent a message to all other Teams- We are READY !!!!
Can You feel it? Like I do!!!!!
By nights end the Chisox-a found themselves ensconced yes ENSCONCED
in first place by a mounting 1-1/2 game lead-a!!!! MERCY!!!!
Our new leader Juan (thank My Yella beard i didnt get released) Uribe showing the way-a
blazing the path with stellar defense, and solid hitting.
The baseball Lords were a smiling up, in the Paradise of Baseball Heaven
as they are making room for our Eventual rise to the Throne.
as E-Z throws a no hitter up in milwaukee, before a selig fixed 27 thou cub fans
which in the long haul means squat, zilch, nothing NADA!!!!
Sox fans were pumped, cheering celebrating a 7-0 lead, before the gates of Hell opened up
and the Devil Team, tied it up, but alas Deacon Dewise, with his muscles throbing, a gleem in his eye
grabed his battle axe, and lifted a fastball DEEP DEEP DEEP into the Mass of Humanity In the Outfield Arcadia.
With thrice Ducks on the Pond, DELIVERING us to a 11-7 victory, over the beleagured
Motown *****cats, Yes Commander Ozzie had his boys with Two Paws Up, clawing
their way to a inevitable victory- Fate had smiled upon us, once again-a.
The Bronx Bummers are next, quakeing in their cleats, as the Storm From the Midwest
has set its sights on Slaughtering Steinys Stench.
The Monster has a risen, and the Twinkies are Doomed, The 3 gamer in minneapolis will mean nothing-a
as we will Roll through New york, and Kan City, as minnesota gets ENGULFED by the Injuns and The
Tampa Bay Rays.
Get out your Beer Kegs and Whiskey bottles-a, and Communal Wine for us Ministers
And Toast the Greatest Team in Baseball- Yours, Mine and Da Baseball GODS- chosen ones
The Fast talkin, worm squirmin, Homerun hittin,Lady Kissin, Jet Flyin, No Denyin- Chicago White Sox
Can you feel it-a in your chest? The feeling of Pleasure and Power!!!
Hallelujah- It has been written!!!!!!!

09-15-2008, 04:18 PM

"I tell you what feisty, I have looked into the eye of many an abyss and felt fear in my heart, only to have DA REVERAND pull me back! MERCY!"