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08-20-2008, 04:10 PM
It can now be told,
on aug 11 after losing
a heartbreaker to boston 5-1
The Sox players went to sleep
and they all awoke The next day
All telling about this Dream
This Vision they all collectively Had.

They visioned a trophy
next to a Throne of Gold
They dreamt and realised
it was Baseball Heaven
They talked about the Voice
they heard, at first it was the voice
of Charles Comiskey, Then Shoeless Joe

They realised it was not the Voice that mattered
It was the message it revealed
" It is your's for the taking"
" The Lords Of baseball have Chosen you"
" each individually to grasp what is yours"
We annoint you The white Sox
As the Chosen one's"

the voice continued as the throne glowed
even brighter than anything seen on earth
" in 7 + 2 days, yee shall shutdown 3 teams
yielding zero runs"
And in 2 others you shall score 9 runs
and 13 runs, take over First and Never Look Back"

The players were shocked to hear of each
having the same dream-same vision
Ozzie came running in Smiling Proudly
He said " I had a dream"
The team collectively said "So did we"
They then knew, it was not to be denied

they had witnessed a miracle
the baseball God's had spoken to All of them
They stood there, and suddenly
it got very quiet, and each player
started to tremble, feeling the Power
being bestowed upon them

The thunder roared through the room
and the Sox felt the Wisdom of The Baseball Gods
Suddenly it was gone, the players
Felt invincible, they knew their goal
They said " we have the ability to change the game"

they ran out onto the field , with a goal in mind
well guess what they scored 9 runs that night
versus KC, then 2 nights later another 9 runs
since their vision they scored 9 runs twice
Had 3 shut outs, and scored 13 runs twice

As predicted by The Baseball Gods
The team Believes more now than ever before
They feel the might and powers within them
Their souls are united as one Unit
The mission- Destroy all teams and claim their thrown

Now do YOU believe?
As they do!!!!
It has now been revealed.
May the Truth and Fate lead them.
Do you have that vision in you?

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hi im skot
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08-21-2008, 02:40 PM

"I tell you what Feisty, when DA REVERAND has them dadgummed visions of thrones of gold you know somethin' special's happenin'. MERCY."