View Full Version : Rennovation/All-Star game

08-03-2001, 06:54 PM
If those pictures are truly the final product, (which they are, I will explain later). does anyone know how they will affect the fireworks nights? After all, they are the Sox #1 promotion. They already close the outfield for those, so I wonder what they will do now.
As far as how I know:
1. Last year on opening day, a woman I know who knows JR told me exactly what the rennovations were going to be, and thus far she has been 100% right. These pictures follow exactly what she said.
2. I was talking with some of my vendors and they told me that they had been briefed on what was going on before this season started, and they told me about these rennovations the first weekend series.
3. Everyone knew this was coming, why else would we get the 2003 All-Star game, when they are clearly using that event to showcase all of the new ballparks?

With the Sox luck, I am surprised that we did not get the 2002 All-star game just in time for a strike.