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08-12-2008, 02:22 PM
Just wondering if the WSI community knows anything further about the Tucson/Glendale situation as it relates to spring training 2009.

Here's the latest info I've seen on the web:

- In a recent Mark Gonzalez (Tribune) mailbag, he states he expects things to drag on for a while. He mentioned he spoke to Katie Feeney with MLB, who's in charge of spring training scheduling. Feeney indicated there's still time for adjustments as the spring training schedules aren't due out for a couple of months.

- Gonzalez further speculates the White Sox could in fact train in Glendale and then play home games in both Glendale and Tucson. He mentions the possibility of sending split squads down to Tucson to satisfy their lease requirements.

- The Sox are contractually obligated to play 15 home games at Tucson Electric Park in 2009 (and 2010, 2011, 2012). This is of course as it stands now. If they don't, there is a financial penalty (undetermined).

- Also, between the Dodgers and the White Sox, there is a contractual obligation to have 20 home games minimum (combined) beginning spring 2009. A Glendale city official is quoted as saying the Dodgers aren't an issue, but the White Sox are because of their Tucson lease. Supposedly there is a $250,000 penalty for each game not played. So, if the Sox don't play any games in the new Glendale park in 2009, logic says they face a $1,250,000 penalty (250k x 5, because the Dodgers will play 15).

- Pima County (Tucson) officials are still saying they do not have an acceptable proposal from the White Sox which would allow the lease to be broken. At this late date, it appears highly unlikely a replacement team will be found. I would say this won't happen at all.

- The Diamondbacks and Rockies are making noise of their own. The Rockies want $30 million worth of improvements to Hi Corbett Field and are admitting they're talking to Phoenix area locations.

- The Diamondbacks, meanwhile, say it's not feasible to stay in Tucson long term if there aren't 3 teams minimum.

- The Arizona State legislation failed to pass a measure granting Tucson a regional sports authority to oversee spring training baseball issues and coordinate additional funding. Therefore, any additional funding would need to come from corporate joint ventures (unlikely) and/or tax increases (highly unlikely).

All of the above encapsulates media reports through the first week of August.

Meanwhile, construction at the Glendale site is progressing on schedule and on budget. Everyone is saying it will be done on time.

I haven't seen, or heard, anything more on the White Sox supposed proposal to Pima County re: hosting an annual youth baseball tournament. So it's possible that idea is dead in the water.

My guess? What Gonzalez speculated. White Sox play a split schedule of home games in Glendale and Tucson next year, with most of the Tucson games being split squads and mostly minor leaguers. Certainly not the ideal situation. Further I would speculate the White Sox and Pima County (Tucson) will come to a financial settlement and the Sox will be in Glendale full time for 2010.

08-12-2008, 02:26 PM
The Dodgers officially paid off Vero Beach a month ago. They say Glendale will be ready for 2009