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07-29-2008, 11:45 AM
I don't want to come off as a completely superstitious and trend-loving nut, but I might with this thing I'm about to throw out at you all.

Remember that 10 game road trip to the west coast earlier in the season? Yeah, the one against Seattle, Anaheim, and San Francisco. A trip where the team was expected to flop and a trip that was pretty important at that point in the season, considering the White Sox were under .500 when the thing started.

I think we all know what happened, but I'll recap.

@ Seattle - Won game 1, won game 2, lost game 3 (offense forgets to show up)

@ Anaheim - Lost game 1 (Buehrle sucked, does that ring a bell?), Lost game 2 (no run support), Won game 3 (TCQ with a slam), Won game 4 (Thome comes through with RISP and 2 outs)

@ San Francisco - Won game 1 (Alexei!), Won game 2, Won game 3 (bullpen blows up, but offense makes up for it).

The Sox went 7-3 on that trip. Now, compare it to the likes of this trip. Although we're not going to the west coast, we're going to the terrordome. Much like the jails that were Angel Stadium and Safeco Field for the Sox in years past. We also have one really crappy team at the end in Kansas City. San Francisco was also crappy, and still is.

Point being, we started off that road trip 2-2 also. We won the first two and lost the next two because of bad pitching and untimely hitting (or no hitting as a matter of fact). The trend has it that we're probably going to lose today. You can believe that or you can totally throw it aside. However, I know I won't be jumping off bridges when they do because being the nut that I am, I think they might win the next 2...