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ode to veeck
07-22-2001, 07:47 PM
Seattle 71-27 clinched home field for all practical purposes
Twinks 58-40 div leader
Toons 56-40 wild card leader
Yankers 57-41 div leader
Wrong Sox 56-42 wild card 2nd
A's 52-45 wild card 3rd (& still hot)
Angels 49-48 wild card 4th (& more hot)
WHITE SOX 48-48 back in a hitting groove

Looking at the loss column, Sox are 8 games down to Toons, and 6, 3, and none to GammonSox, A's and Angels (who've now won 6 in a row). Sox now have 4 teams ahead of them for wild card, but wins the last two days have closed ground on leaders and SOX are now only 9 games out of 1st place as AL Central AL has heated up with Toons moving on suddenly vulnerable Twinks.

The next 7 days are crunch time for Sox playoff hopes. Revenge for four days in Cleveland would be a great starting tune, then 3 more games in Fenway against another wild card competitor will be the metal test for this year's SOX. One way or another, we'll know where we're headed this year a week from now.

07-22-2001, 07:52 PM
And then you will see the trades go nuts also.I wonder how much the Bosox will give away for starting pitching a week from now.