View Full Version : Tonight's early minor league returns:

05-07-2002, 10:54 PM
Joe Borchard hit a HR (4th AAA HR in only 44 AB's including a slow start) for his second straight game and added a double to round out a 2 for 3 night. He also had a K and a BB bringing this season's ratio to 12:6 respectively. Joe Crede was 0-3 with 2 BB and 1 K and Tim Hummel was 1-4 in the 7-3 loss. Delvis Lantigua picked up the loss iving up all 7 runs in 4 IP. Corey Lee and Clay Eason pitched 5 combined scoreless, 4-hit innings in releif.

In Birmingham, Corwin Malone had maybe his best outing of the year to date. He went 8 IP giving up only 5 hits andd a solo HR in the 7th was the only scrath they could get on him. Joe Valentine picked up his 7th save of the season already, could he challenge Almonte's Southernm League saves record? (IMO, not likely, Barons won't win enough this year) Danny Sandoval was 2-5 with 2 stolen bases bringing his total to 15 already.

W-S lost 3-0, details not yet available. Kris McWhirter was the starter for the Warthogs.

Kannapolis won 6-4 in a Ryan Wing start, details also not yet available.