View Full Version : Snr says sorry guys.

05-07-2002, 12:41 AM
God Damned Crack head, wife beating trash talking no show to the real deal asswipe white trash neighbor called the cops 3 times on us during the broadcast and made us shut it down during the post game show. It was funny the first time though. Most of you know that we always have a cap gun there to shoot nardi and shoot when the Sox hit a HR. The asswipe neighbors downstairs called and said we were firing a gun and the cops came in and yelled "EVERYONE! HANDS ON THE TABLE! NOW!


They just helped us. the cops were on air and we gained 15 listeners on top of the 30 we had. lol Thankyou!

Anyway. this crap won't happen again. Many have tried, but none can break up Sox-and-Roll! We're moving to our alternative station for Wednesday's broadcast. Prolly won't be any cops that show up 3 times either.

Thanx for tuning in and sticking with us through this B.S.

Sox-and-roll Staff.