View Full Version : With Baltimore fading, Roberts more expendable?

06-11-2008, 09:36 AM
Im sure this has been posted before, so flame away if i sound like a broken record BUT the Sox should be willing to trade equal or superior talent to pick up Brian Roberts (granted Im aware we dont have much to give up) even if it means packaging one of our young pitching studs.

The guys hitting .286 and has 18 stolen bases (more then our whole team combined I believe). And after watching Swisher attempt to play Center Field last night, I think its apparent that we need an upgrade at that position or it will cost us games.

I think Ramirez did just fine in Center the first week of the season and could be a noticable upgrade at the position.

Im not suggesting to get rid of Swish, but a trip to the bench and some spot starts at 1B and the outfield could help him relax and get ready for next year (when he will most likely take over 1B as Paulie moves to DH).

The upgrade in our lineup would be great enough to make up for the downgrade in a 5th starter (Say Loaiza or Massett depending on who proves themselves more reliable).

1.Roberts 2B .286
2. Ramirez CF .300
3. Quentin LF .281
4. Thome DH .222
5. Pierzynski C .302
6. Dye RF .294
7. Crede 3B .286
8. Konerko 1B .217
9. Cabrera SS .262....
Or however you would configure that team
Anyways Im sure it wont happen and this long babble probobly wasted alot of your time, but hey I can dream

06-11-2008, 09:41 AM
Do a search, it's been discussed until it's tired.