View Full Version : Checking in on the Big FA CF's From Last Offseason

05-11-2008, 05:03 AM
Having spent much of the offseason wondering just what big free agent CF was coming to Chicago, I figured I wanted to keep tabs on the big names we bandied about here just to see how everyone was doing.

The Sox of course ended up trading their top 2 pitching prospects to Oakland for Nick Swisher, who seems the last few days to have temporarily ceded CF to the much-maligned Brian Anderson. So far this year the line for our CF's has been 215/313/292. Swisher started off the year as an OBP machine, but fell into an utterly hellacious slump recently. So how is everyone else doing?

Torii Hunter - 291/345/493 with 10 2B and 5 HR. So far his overall numbers are about in line with what he had been putting up. I'm not sure that those numbers are worth the 18.5 million he collected this year from the Angels (2.5M signing bonus plus 16M salary), or that 18M for him when he's 37 is going to sound like a good deal, but for the moment at least he seems to be providing about what they could have reasonably expected for the cash.

Andruw Jones - Signed a 2 year deal with the Dodgers (though he gets some cash in 2010 as his 12.2M signing bonus is paid out 5.1M in 2008, 2.1M in 2009, and 5M in 2010) paying him 36.2M. And right now that's looking like the worst financial decision of the offseason as Jones puts up an anemic line of 170/279/268 with 5 2B and 1 HR. I know he didn't have the best year last season, but I honestly never expected him to completely implode the way he has so far this season.

Aaron Rowand - Despite everyone in the world linking him with the Sox if they failed on Hunter, it appears there was never any serious interest in bringing him in. The 5 year, 60M deal so far seems to be a good one for the Giants as Rowand puts up a line of 342/398/544 with 11 2B and 4 HR. Among all CF in MLB he is first in BA and OBP, and second in slugging. Of course, he is always one wall crash away from the DL.