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05-01-2002, 10:53 AM
It has been a roller coaster ride thus far. Buehrle wins his first four then loses two in a row including getting lit up in OAK. Wright starts the season well, tries to finesse it and get clobbered, now backs it up with two solid outings. Garland starts real shaky and then goes 3-0 looking good. Rauch has failed to get a decision in his four starts and looks good for an inning, bad for an inning, makes a pickoff throw to no one and slips down the dugout stairs. The only consistencies have been Todd Ritchie and the whole staff walking people, lots of walks! We are 16-10 and in first place (of a weak division), but i think the staff needs to get it together and be consistently solid in order for us to do well down the stretch. The bullpen straightened things out, now it's the starter's turn. Here we go.....
:gulp: :gulp: :gulp:

05-01-2002, 12:23 PM
All you say is true, yet the Sox are 16-10 and in first place. And each of the young pitchers has shown flashes. I've been particularly impressed (and, in all honesty, surprised) by Wright, who I think has the potential to be a very good MLB pitcher. So there is reason for optimism, I think. They just need some consistency. Plus, I'm still hopeful that Parque and Biddle will regain arm strength and be important contributors. Plus, in the Trib today, KW said that he'll go out and get a veteran starter if necessary and even said that he could convince JR to add payroll to do it (with no "depending on attendance" disclaimer of any sort!).

05-01-2002, 09:29 PM
sounds good bud! I hope we get a veteran starter. did the trib say anything about who K Willy is going to give up for this starter? I hope he doesn't sell the farm or give away anyone too important.