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  1. Cubs Suck
  2. In 2003 the Twins were ranked #1
  3. Intelligent Cub fan
  4. Ohhhh Noooo, Santo
  5. How Much Do You Hate The Cubs?
  6. Can I get the link for the Cub SUCKcessories page
  7. cubs about to enter the Johnson deal?
  8. Urinal being torn down?
  9. Somebody will get fired at the Cubune
  10. cubs want to keep nets at the Urinal
  11. Fired Cubs Asst. Trainer Alleges Team Knowingly Broke State Law
  12. What IF the Cubs had to play at Sox park during (if) rehab
  13. Monster Thread: Sox and Tadahito Iguchi try for Love Connection
  14. Flubs re-sign Todd Hollandsworth...
  15. What place will the Cubs finish in 2005?
  16. Flubs are out of the Beltran sweepstakes...
  17. Does anybody remember a Trib article on Ryno
  18. Flubs are screwed
  19. Beige, vanilla, & white bread: "Chicago Baseball fans" speak up!
  20. More classless ideas for demonstrating your ignorance towards Magglio
  21. Why Sandberg was overrated
  22. Cubune Beltran Puff Piece
  23. Magglio gushing over the cubs. Article says Cubs, Mets and O's have medical records.
  24. Shock! Cubs fan thinks Urinal is better than Cell!
  25. Official "Magglio broke up with me and now I'm stalking him" thread
  26. 2005 Cubs = 2001-2004 Sox?
  27. Hendry sits on his ass for a month to pull this off?
  28. Cubune writer SLAMS Hendry.
  29. Obsessing over Cubs rotation
  30. Not for Sox Fans: anti-cubs websites
  31. Let's talk about mediocre Cubs 2B
  32. CONSPIRACY: Sox salary dump!
  33. Making money on Cubs tickets
  34. New low: SF media trolls A.J. Pierzynski with whisper campaign
  35. I like to really go off on a Cubs fan every once in a while. How about you?
  36. Magg+Boras+Cubs = What's the Score, dude?
  37. Alright for the new forum!
  38. Endless speculation: who is leaving Sox media corps?
  39. PHG is a mind reader
  40. Trolling Cubs fans: "Hey, you guys are gonna be pretty good this year!"
  41. Shock! MLB makes Cubs Bracelets, too!
  42. Deep Thoughts Only! Who's the Biggest Baseball Tool?
  43. Shock! Cheap Sox merchandise Made in China
  44. Infallible thinks over 4000 members just isn't enough
  45. Cubs Fans to become more clueless in 2005.
  46. Let's talk about Cubs roster moves: Williamson signs
  47. Latest baseless rumor from "credible" NY media source
  48. A fine Whine: 13 game plan gets me uppder deck seats for Cubs/Sox
  49. Shocker! Cubune sayz Maggs doc sayz Cubz should sign with confidence!
  50. Who's the guy in the banner?
  51. Keep Hangar Away from Thursday's Sun-Times
  52. Doggone it about Dog Day!
  53. Let's talk about "CubsFest"
  54. What's this forum for?
  55. Slow news day: Pedro loves Sammy
  56. Complaints about latest Sox Mailer
  57. Ideas for making Sox Fans look small
  58. Let's talk about eBay: Cubs fans bilking Cubs fans
  59. Too Bad Cub Fans
  60. Posting at What's the Score
  61. Morrissey calls out the lemmings
  62. Bizarre Sox Dreams?
  63. Watching Cubfest hi-lites over the weeknd....and
  64. The Wrigleyville Rapists strike again
  65. With the signing of Iguchi
  66. KW and tables
  67. Biggest thread ever?
  68. I assume we know who CUBS, COL, SD, and LA are
  69. Mega-obsession thread: Maggs to Anywhere!
  70. Can anyone help? Cubs/White Sox Sunday game.....
  71. Mark McLemore or Barry Larkin????
  72. Possible backup SS options?
  73. I Need help persudaing someone...
  74. FUNdamentals
  75. Rants about Harris and a bunch of unrelated stuff
  76. Whitesox.com measage board
  77. Debunked Rumor: SamME traded?
  78. Ownership ruling goes agaist Tribune Company...
  79. Second To None
  80. Beware! Garbage link to a garbage website
  81. Mega-obsession thread: Sosa traded To Orioles?
  82. Why the hostility for greedy ex-sox?
  83. Questions for stat-heads
  84. How long has this section been around?
  85. ESPN--Downward Mobility??!
  86. Why is there a picture of Sosa in a SOX uniform on mlb.com?
  87. Anybody now getting tickets for the May 12 game vs. O's?
  88. Report: Scrubs close to deal with Burnitz
  89. A warning to Orioles' fans...
  90. Epilogue
  91. Here we go again with the National Media
  92. Quit Emailing Brooks!!!
  93. Burnitz Deal May be done.
  94. I just lost all respect for Bruce Levine
  95. Sad day for Tribune if...
  96. Stone tells it likes it is
  97. Anybody watching this crap?!?
  98. Got cash?
  99. Full Page Ad in ST??
  100. Odd Burnitz Quote
  101. Why is the Cubune reporting this NOW?
  102. Interesting
  103. More Sosa Garbage
  104. Schilling's tribute to Sammy
  105. Time is right for the Sox to take over Chicago
  106. Beefs with Cubune's newest nonsense
  107. Sun Times Columnist Lovefest
  108. Dye or Burnitz? YOU MAKE THE CALL!
  109. Flubs looking to dump Farnsworth next...
  110. Flubs avoid arbitration with Ramirez, Zambrano
  111. Another Murder in 'Lakeview'
  112. Why Sham-Me's press conference was late...
  113. Let's have a thread about the Urinal's bozo buckets
  114. I have a hard time following rules... it will get me in trouble
  115. ESPN's Rob Neyer admits mistake in 10 LEAST improved teams!
  116. Flubs waive Sham-Me fine...
  117. Resurrecting the Barry Larkin discussion
  118. Let's have a thread about The Wave
  119. Keep Cub fans out of the Cell!
  120. Early Look At Sox vs Cubs
  121. Who is your most hated Cubs player?
  122. Ancient news... and probably not true either.
  123. Random Thoughts 2/7/05
  124. Flubs Newz: Farnsworth Traded
  125. El Caballo
  126. Ugh, it's happening again
  127. Flubs will scout Ugueth Urbina...
  128. reason number 12387843 that cub fans dont care about Sox fans
  129. So this Cub fan gave a speech in class today...
  130. Flubs looking to talk with A's about Octavio Dotel
  131. Complete B.S. from horse**** source regarding Nomar
  132. So my work became an official sponsor of the Cub's today....
  133. Talking Cubs in 2005
  134. Aramis Ramirez wants big money from Flubs
  135. Clammy Sosa, promo idea?
  136. Another thread unworthy of the Clubhouse
  137. Ordonez signing a colossal mistake...
  138. So I was randomly lurking at a Flub forum...
  139. Cubs Fans Rip us off on ebay.
  140. National Media Continues with Cubpoganda
  141. Prior injured??
  142. Canseco: Hey, does this crap make you want to buy my book?
  143. Yet Another Pathetic sCrUBS "CurseBreaker"
  144. Horribly stupid Poll on a site I visit
  145. Which Baseball Team has the worst fans?
  146. Vegas Odds On Who'll Win The WS, Please explain...
  147. Funny comment on Nomar
  148. Loser of the year nomination
  149. 1st Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2005
  150. Sosa ditched entire day of final game with Flubs
  151. Cowhead's high school radio report...
  152. Nonsense about Iguchi's arm
  153. Backup SS option...
  154. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/17/05
  155. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/18/05
  156. What stats do you use against cub fans?
  157. Mesa vs. Tucson
  158. Flubs in March Reader's Digest
  159. assuming the worst
  160. If Santo is in the Hall..
  161. Cubs will NOT get Rob Nenn
  162. You are NOT going to believe this...
  163. Sammy Watch
  164. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/21/05
  165. Cubs whining and crying already
  166. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/22/05
  167. Cub-like nickname for Sox
  168. Anyone Trying for Sox/ScRubs Tix @ The Urinal
  169. DeLuca on Scammy
  170. Les's outlook on the Cubs this season
  171. Queen Magglio Just Will Not Shut-Up
  172. Canseco criticizes Pirates' Grieve for not taking steroids
  173. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/23/05
  174. Aramis looking for big money
  175. A Picture That Will Warm The Heart Of Many A Cubbie Fan
  176. "The Fraud" in Orioles Camp
  177. Sosa: I'm irreplaceable
  178. White Sox/Cactus league expansion???
  179. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/24/05
  180. Dusty Baker responds to Shammy's accusations
  181. LOL!!! Cubs to have "Mia Hamm" day on 7-03-05
  182. Wrigley Blues
  183. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 2/25/05
  184. The Derek Jeter Center?
  185. Report from the Urinal...
  186. Sox vs. Scrubs Tix
  187. keeping my cool - *official* no sense of humor thread
  188. Scott Ridge snorts Cubbie crack...has convulsions
  189. Nomar: Take your ring and shove it
  190. Grudzielanek discusses boombox bash
  191. Evidence of how DUMB Cub fans really are...
  192. Aww, Brian.....
  193. Mvp Baseball 2005 Questions
  194. Sarcasm: Things NOT to say to a Cubs fan
  195. Why can't/doesn't the media stand up to Dusty?
  196. Rank the doofus!!
  197. Cubs Suck Jokes
  198. Sox rebuff Ordonez's comments
  199. White Sox Vs. Cubs '05 Predictions
  200. What about Dusty?
  201. B&B Question
  202. Flubdom spreading like cancer
  203. Forget about the "Score" picking up Sox radio
  204. Cubs, City Agree on deal to expand Wrigley
  205. CFAD'S Theory
  206. Interview w/ White Sox, Cubs Beat Writers Scot Gregor, Paul Sullivan
  207. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/2/05
  208. XM Radio Prediction for Cubs in 2005
  209. Santo's bid for HOF falls short
  210. "Kerry Woods" jersey pic
  211. So I was arguing with a Cub fan today...
  212. I'm leaving on a jet plane...
  213. Flubs have more distractions
  214. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/3/05
  215. Conan O'Brien rules.
  216. Breaking News! Cubs Garciaparra hit on Wrist!
  217. A Tale of Two 5:00 p.m. Sports Segments
  218. Kid Gloves for The Messiah?
  219. Speculation: Thunderstruck by AC/DC won't be the intro?
  220. Should White Sox fans boycott ABC 7 News because of Giangreco?
  221. Great Quote from Millar about Flubs
  222. Someone ......PLEASE! special request
  223. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/4/05
  224. Sporting News- Wood better than Buehrle!?
  225. Ask Steve Stone...
  226. Drunken frat boys = campus?
  227. What kind of dope gets ejected from a Spring Training Game?
  228. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/5/05
  229. Lets speculate
  230. WGN/CLTV Pro-Cubs/Anti-Sox statements
  231. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/7/05
  232. Add Rick Telander to Idiot list
  233. two different views on maddux's outing today
  234. *Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!! More Media Bias!
  235. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/8/05
  236. My email reply from the Hall of Fame
  237. Cub-Times writer takes a dig at the cubs!
  238. All Cubs/Cards in Champaign
  239. Funny Little Fact About Sox/Cubs...
  240. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/7/05
  241. Sandburg in Peoria
  242. No Teal Needed, 2005 Baseball Predictions Thread!
  243. Flubs getting it
  244. Kerry Wood taken out of game due to inury
  245. Today Show cameraman: Sosa a jerk
  246. Chicago NewsMedia Watch 3/10/05
  247. Wood flew back to Chicago for tests
  248. And so it begins....
  249. Hebrew Hammer on MJH...
  250. Put It On The Board, what team are you a fan of...