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  1. Curt Schilling lookalike?
  2. New Manager
  3. Ben Mallard of FOX radio: "I guarantee Sox won't win in the playoffs"
  4. Air Raid Sirens
  5. Cubune article: Sox TV Ratings "Baffling"
  6. More Whining From The Babies In Blue
  7. Ken Rosenthal's "All Washed Up" Team
  8. 2006 free agent list ?
  9. White Sox back to #2 in latest CBS rankings
  10. the worst manager ever?
  11. Rusch no hitting Cards
  12. Looking for Cub hater shirt
  13. Frank listed as...
  14. Rowand Taking Grounders At Third Base?
  15. Red cub blogs impressed with McCarthy/ White Sox
  16. Cubune Propoganda Machine allege Sox Fan celebrities to be Cub fans
  17. Betcha this story doesn't get eaten by giant snails
  18. September call ups, is that it for the sox?
  19. 3 year olds clash in youngest recorded Sox-Cubs debate.
  20. Yes, BP is full of it - but this is hilarious!
  21. New web poll from espn.com
  22. Official- Playoff Ticket Thread
  23. Guess who's back in the Wildcard chase again...
  24. Next season I hope Lyle Overbay to the Sox...
  25. INTERNET RUMOR: Marte Gone?
  26. Just A Thought
  27. Dusty heading to Diamondbacks? ( NY Daily News )
  28. From worst to first...
  29. Next year: who to get rid of / add....
  30. Scammy is sued
  31. Allard chat with Lindberg
  32. Don't miss the season debut of "According to Jim"! </teal>
  33. This made me burst out Laughing .....
  34. Ryne Sandberg - Don't worry, South Siders
  35. I hate our first place manager!
  36. What? No photos of Ligue?
  37. A prediction thread for Cubune story angles on the Sox in the postseason
  38. The Stage Will Be Set
  39. Going to Wrigley the 24th and need advice
  40. Trade thought
  41. Fox won't show Sox...
  42. Question
  43. Anybody here care what Lovable Loser fans think?
  44. Getting sick of Buehrle's defeatist attitude
  45. I hate magic numbers
  46. WSI poster quoted in Akron paper
  47. Nominees to be Poster Child for the Terminally Confused
  48. Another Poster Child nominee for the Terminally Confused
  49. Cubune Sox Fan Employees
  50. Everything is going to be fine
  51. flubbie fans and trash talking...
  52. If only we had had a smaller lead in July. We might not be leading at all...
  53. Cub Fans Don't Care About The Sox...
  54. Per Dick Shawn
  55. Flubs Elimination Number
  56. Who needs a Ticket for tonight? 9/19
  57. Cub fan Phil Rogers touts The Tribe in ESPN coulumn
  58. Garcia quote : "I dont care about the fans"
  59. Hangar 18 Bday Bash 9/19
  60. Beer Suggestions for the Sox/Jndjans Series
  61. Juvenile Delinquents: Mac, Jurko, Harry
  62. in the off season
  63. In case you need another reason to boycott "According to Jim"
  64. Daily Quickie clown rooting for us to blow it
  65. Laughter is the best medicine...
  66. Crowd Wins
  67. Ronnie "Woo Woo" Jinx
  68. Diana Taurasi on the White Sox: "Is that a team?"
  69. Rogers Column
  70. Greg Couch is an idiot BOYCOTT HIS COLUMN
  71. Anti-Sox garbage
  72. I thought Cub Fans didn't care about Sox
  73. Sham-me
  74. Crossdressing Corgan? (Cubune's latest Flubbie superiority spin)
  75. Free Parking
  76. Kass Strikes Again
  77. Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio = moron
  78. Corked Bats!??? Maybe.....
  79. "Buehrle allows 3 homeruns"
  80. Naughty Twins?
  81. Another example of how Cub fans don't care about the Sox(teal)
  82. KC can go to hell too
  83. Sox! Woo!
  84. My AIM Conversation with a good friend and IDIOT Cub Fan (He Loses)
  85. ESPN's JB on Jose's great start tonight...
  86. SURPRISE! Tailgunner Joe on the spot with microphone: Carl should shut the **** up
  87. Flubs Officially Elimated Today! Woo-hoo!!!
  88. Ronnie Woo Woo at game tonight
  89. ESPN's Sports Reporters: What an embarassment!
  90. Help spread the meme: Cub fans DO care about the White Sox
  91. Spoiler Role: Pearls of Wisdom from Dusty & Willie
  92. One Florida newspaper writer's wet dream: Marlins next coach=Ozzie?
  93. Most Wins in a Season
  94. Sunday Sun-Times
  95. Reinsdorf/Harry Caray fight?
  96. If Jerry was General Disarray, then who is Ozzie?
  97. Jose Paniagua
  98. 9 out of 10 Dark Clouds agree: There is NO bright side!
  99. Another cheap shot from McGrath
  100. Hangar finally freaks...
  101. White Sox/Cubs day here at School
  102. Who is your favorite unofficial Sox mascot?
  103. Boers & Bernstein bash dark clouds!
  104. The Brushback: Ozzie now considered insane
  105. White Sox Barcrawl
  106. MLB know something we don't?
  107. Court holds that Trib. Co. cheated taxpayers out of $1 bil.
  108. The Hunt For October
  109. Maddux streak comes to an end
  110. Tribune Starting @#$% again......
  111. Question from an out-of-town Sox fan
  112. Interesting Griffey-> Sox tidbit
  113. Who Will Be Reluctantly Rooting for the Flubs?
  114. A Trib Fib? (Am I right on this?)
  115. Clevland won last night
  116. Doesn't it seem the media, in general, is less "ga-ga" than in 2003?
  117. Trib negative playoff scenarios
  118. Cold Pizza - Astrologers -White Sox will not make playoffs!!
  119. Dusty blames Chicago's night life and climate for Scrubs' woes
  120. Dark Clouds, Repent!
  121. Wow, Just Wow
  122. What if?
  123. John Donovan: Class Act
  124. Whose face are you rubbing this division win in?
  125. Surprise! Cubs fans do care!
  126. LMAO @ NYY message board take on Sox
  127. I thought ESPN was bad, add Sporting News Radio to the list...
  128. What about the FOBB?
  129. Euro-jerk bored at Sox game.
  130. Stupid Shanoff
  131. Ed Sherman Article in Cubune Today-Can I have ONE day in the sun please?
  132. Question about final play in last night's Astros/Cubs game
  133. 10:00 p.m. news coverage of Sox clinch
  134. Torture For Murph
  135. ROFL at backhanded BP critique
  136. The Trib's latest anti-Sox screed
  137. nice coverage by trib
  138. Original Predictions by ESPN "Experts"
  139. More ESPN.com garbage
  140. Too funny not to post!!!
  141. Rome is Burning my Ass
  142. Stupid Cubs give Dempster 3 years/$15.5 Million
  143. Sox Fight Song playback
  144. Flubs fail in quest for third consecutive winning season
  145. Souhan: SOX tradition to choke!!
  146. Red Cub celebrity fans
  147. An extra little goodie about playoffs..
  148. Interesting photo I took at Wrigley, 1980
  149. Celebrities at the games?
  150. Oh, Mr. Reynolds! You're so funny!
  151. Cubune's sour grapes
  152. Anyone See Farmer Andy on CLTV last nite?
  153. If you needed ANOTHER reason to not read ESPN.com
  154. Sandberg picks Sox to win ALDS, mind fails to grasp reasons
  155. Sun-Times Ligue reference
  156. How long until the Trib...
  157. Debating a putz Cubs fan and Brewer fan about the Sox
  158. The Sox will win on October 4, 2005...
  159. You'll like this one: article on fanbases
  160. See if you can figure out what's wrong with this poll . . .
  161. ESPN talks about East Coast Bias
  162. This just in:
  163. How are flub fans taking it?
  164. Cub fans giving you grief?
  165. Hiz honor da mayor invites Cubs fans to cheer White Sox
  166. Has anyone ever met Hawk?
  167. My girlfriend says HAWK gone?
  168. ex Cub factor
  169. This is disgusting
  170. Look at this garbage.
  171. Ropert Editorial
  172. 35th street viaduct drummer, playoff edition!
  173. Sun Times Article-Gave me the Chills (The Good Kind)
  174. "We don't want your loser juice dripping all over our unstoppable baseball team"
  175. Some nice comments from a Red Sox board
  176. Francona's Post Game Interview (RE: Not taking walks)
  177. Red Sox view revisited....
  178. Being the only Sox fan in a sports bar full of Red Saax fans...
  179. Someone's made a mistake
  180. What is that song?
  181. Why?!?!
  182. WSCR looking at Rays announcer for WS radio
  183. A-rod: Yanks vs Red Sox is destiny
  184. More Sour Grapes as the Trib smears Carl Everett
  185. BoSox should be "embarassed" to get swept!
  186. Bud Selig... White Sox fan?
  187. Tribune Praying for Misery Loves Company: compares Sox to '84 Flubs
  188. Trib Column: ESPN East Coast Bias is Natural
  189. Rich Daley Knows How the Trib Operates
  190. A Blueprint to Win the World Series
  191. To Ya'll Who Want Manny Ramirez...
  192. I have no idea what boycott means...
  193. Even the Cubune thinks berman sucks
  194. (Not) BP's take
  195. ALDS ticket refunds?
  196. Red Sox do want Konerko
  197. A Chat with Joe Sheehan...OMG is this guy an idiot...
  198. Picture from Walgreens at Halstead and Barry
  199. Ouch...FOX pregame just called us "White Sox Nation"
  200. Berman Blows!
  201. More arrogance from Red Sox fans
  202. Outside the park on Friday night
  203. Cubbie fans on Jenks...
  204. Explaining Berman
  205. Turns out Jake and Elwood Blues were White Sox fans after all
  206. McCartney or White Sox
  207. Anyone notice how FOX & ESPN continue to IGNORE SOX?
  208. 10 Things to know about the White Sox... per mlb.com
  209. A proposition to Roger Bossard
  210. RUMOR: ALCS to move to Wednesday if the Yankees win?
  211. OMG John Kass you are amazing!!!1!11!!!!one!
  212. One rumor thread simply isn't big enough to contain some people's angst about Selig
  213. Greg Couch just finished off that last pesky bit of respect I had for him...
  214. BP Playoff Gems
  215. Auditioning for Cubune job: AP's Jim Litke
  216. Another interesting article....
  217. This article really ticked me off.
  218. RUMOR: Sox have signed a new pitcher?
  219. Sox get love from.... Dog Fancy magazine?
  220. Article:Ozzie Guillen's "Not So Smart" Ball
  221. IDOT Loves the Sox
  222. Ken Rosenthal outdoes himself
  223. ESPN makes White Sox "Curse Video"
  224. First the Poor, then the Crooked!
  225. FOX Sports FINALLY shows some White Sox hilites
  226. Breaking News For The Stupid...
  227. Still waiting for the new Bill Simmons column....
  228. Directv High Definition Sox Question
  229. Wrigley Field demoltion?
  230. TV for Game 2 (make sure your cable gets FX )
  231. So far a rumor: Colon not available for this series
  232. Happy Halloween to our North Siders!
  233. Ronnie Woo-Woo Alert?
  234. Wilbon in a Sox uniform on PTI
  235. Rich Roeper takes a shot at the Trib
  236. Who Cares picture
  237. Fox Pregame Montage
  238. Ignorant Fans
  239. Tuesday's Crowd......
  240. Hangar's latest freak out...
  241. BP preview
  242. Angels in the Outfield
  243. We don' nee' no stinkin' John Cusack!!!!
  245. Tim McCarver's announcing
  246. your opinion on Lou
  247. Field Of Dreams
  248. Who graces cover of Sun times in morning
  249. Stupid Caption, Stupider ESPN
  250. Cub fans- at it again!