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  1. Carl Everett DFA
  2. Dusty won't be fired
  3. Which of these guys would you trade for
  4. Rangers want Tejada??
  5. Zito to the Mets?
  6. Buster Olney: Coco offered to White Sox, KW says "nty" (Rejected)
  7. Great baseball commentary on ESPN right now
  8. Jayson Stark: Reports Yankees closer to getting Abreu + Lidle
  9. Chacon for Lohse
  10. MSNBC article on Ozzie by Mike Celizic
  11. Why is Mackowiak hitting 6th against Chen
  12. Funny story happened at Church today
  13. Rosenthal: Belliard to St. Louis?
  14. Any Chance for Hernandez?
  15. What's up with Jake Peavy?
  16. I am a little shocked at KW
  17. White Flag Day
  18. Hawk and Dj question
  19. Sean Casey to the Tigers..
  20. Trade Idea: McCarthy/BA/Minor Leaguers for Livan Hernandez/Soriano??
  21. Funny Pic from Wrigley
  22. WEEI Reporting: Andruw Jones to Boston
  23. Sheffield to first?
  24. Duaner Sanchez...we dodged a bullet
  25. deal or no deal?
  26. Trade Idea: Oswalt for...
  27. Maddux and Lugo to the Dodgers
  28. Interesting July stat
  29. Post non-waiver deadline trades-How does it work?
  30. Why did D.J replace Tom Paciorek?
  31. Stupid Question: If we had Liriano in the pen instead of McCarthy...
  32. Interesting Sox/Cubs Stats
  33. Metrodome?
  34. McNeil keeps saying Joe Crede is gone
  35. Taking Two out of Three
  36. Balsa Wood says NO to surgery, plans to come back as a reliever
  37. Baseball Prospectus in SI
  38. Hilarious Sign I saw during Scrub game
  39. Mike Kiley out at Sun-Times?
  40. Tribune at Full Alert: Sox Closing In on Cubs
  41. Chicagosports.com poll
  42. Boston announcers comment on Farmer and Singleton
  43. Baker on playoffs
  44. Any explanations for this?
  45. What? The Wave at The Shrine?
  46. The Alomar curse !
  47. Tank McNamara on Ozzie
  48. 40% chance the White Sox make the playoffs
  49. so what's the story on Eric Cooper?
  50. Which Team, as a Sox fans "Hate" more,Yankees or Cubs?
  51. Yankee Behavior I have noticed
  52. A question for those who live in Lake and Porter Counties in Indina.
  53. Giambi scoreboard photo
  54. Sully Smackdown
  55. Do you root for the Cubs?
  56. Do WS have chance to make playoffs?
  57. I Miss Aaron, Part XXXVIII
  58. Rowdy Yankee fans?
  59. Getting a Yankee fan to shut up
  60. Any waiver rumors?
  61. Ozzie Guillen Fined $10,000 For What He Just Thought
  62. Brantley reconfirms idiocy
  63. Jimbo's closing?
  64. Throwing balls back
  65. Ryan Freel and "Farney"
  66. Josh Mora = Chris Berman lite?
  67. Daily Herald headline
  68. Rivera balked?
  69. My email to local FOX station...
  70. <teal>TIVO alert
  71. Amazing White Sox fact about Orland/Tinley
  72. Pregame (fan) Rituals
  73. another "great" foxsports article
  74. Any great ideas on replacing Uribe?
  75. I Didn't Know That
  76. Three guesses as to who's back on the DL...
  77. This is why you should behave in other ballparks
  78. What is the likelihood of Zito in a Sox uniform in '07?
  79. Jenks for ROY?
  80. Levineline Slips
  81. Dear Ed Farmer
  82. Joe Sheehan Bias example #328432
  83. No TV on 9/30 v. Twins
  84. Tiger Tamer
  85. Guess who I saw at Tuesday's Royals game
  86. Joe Cowley
  87. An Idea for Brooks?
  88. Trib hates it when we win
  89. Manny is not more Under the Radar than Dye
  90. Parking suggestions at the Cell
  91. for the Family Circus haters
  92. Now we know why AJ was wiping nose at 1B!!!
  93. In my hand right now...
  94. USA TODAY Article about "Lovable Losers"
  95. Hunch: Vasquez to Mets or Cardinals
  96. What happened to The Dugout?
  97. Let's Go, Go Go White Sox Song Writer Has died
  98. Sun-Times: Cubs Short on Cash, Postpone Garage
  99. The battle for Oil distribution supremacy
  100. Mike Downey- Ozzie Out of control
  101. Aramis Ramirez needs double for the cycle
  102. What would Ozzie have done?
  103. Cubune putting its spin on the cubs' USA Today article
  104. Evil Cub Fan Terrorists - Al Bobblezeera
  105. F. Thomas takes shot at Sox fans
  106. For the sports fan who thought he/she had everything...
  107. T-shirt vendors
  108. Ozzie importing Venezuelan poison for piranhas
  109. At least Downey had one funny quote
  110. From the Freddy being Freddy quote book
  111. Tearing Down Metrodome?
  112. Nook Logan
  113. Joe Torre is a disgrace.
  114. time for konerko to be a captain
  115. Dave Roberts to the Sox???
  116. What ESPN won't show you
  117. Nuts to you Michael Barrett!
  118. Winston Churchill quote for White Sox
  119. This space reserved for dumb Garcia quotes
  120. Who's Garcia getting traded to in the offseason?
  121. There's hope for Rowand fans after all
  122. Not exactly knocking over buffet tables, but...
  123. Inevitable P.Rogers article comparing us to 05 Red Sox
  124. New Leadoff Hitter Next Season
  125. The worst league's worst division's worst team...
  126. Wow...the Reds are pretty impressive
  127. brewers and realignment
  128. DoubleHeader Today
  129. Fatal Overdoes near Wrigley
  130. so whats the deal with Buehrle and AJ?
  131. Empty seats at Wrigley
  132. Cubs Get Landmark Award for New Bleachers
  133. Tv
  134. Cubs to set complete game futility record
  135. Identifying Old Pennants
  136. Don't blame Boof's parents, they called him John
  137. The Sox are STILL second-class in this city...
  138. Figgins for Crede trade???
  139. Another ex-Cub in trouble
  140. Ex-Cub Factor
  141. Best baseball name?
  142. This guy puts Buck Showalter to Shame!
  143. *Hawk* "He was the best...I've ever seen"
  144. Get a load of this jackass...
  145. Gary Matthews, Jr.
  146. Players I's like to see in a Sox Uniform in 2007.
  147. Tribune dumps Boston TV station
  148. A little help....
  149. Michael Young to Sox?
  150. Ozzie is mad about SOMETHING at least
  151. Does Ozzie keep "resting guys" after elimination???
  152. Cubune: '06 Sox bigger chokers than '69 Flubs
  153. I'm sorry I...
  154. Look Ahead: Possible Free Agent SS
  155. Look Ahead: Possible Free Agent OF
  156. What are the chances of the Sox landing Micheal Young in the Offseason?
  157. Podsednik's problem: needs glasses?
  158. Tim McCarver on Family Guy
  159. Mackowiak;s problem in center
  160. Maybe Cotts and Buehrle are really Right Handed?
  161. Onion:Alfonso Soriano Regrets Joining 40-40 Club After Meeting Other Members
  162. David Wells
  163. Fields starting at 3B
  164. Most disappointing September?
  165. NYY fans not happy about playing Sox 10 times
  166. White Sox Ticket Exchange Ripoff
  167. National article with interesting diagnosis
  168. Anyone get the feeling Minny could have made the playoffs with...
  169. I still think that Philly is our best trading partner...
  170. HBO Cubs Documentary
  171. Did AJ really do this??
  172. flubs fan in our "thanks White Sox Fans" Tip of the Cap email
  173. cnnsi.com accuses Sox of quitting on ozzie
  174. Serious trade proposal
  175. Two NL Senior Managers End Their Careers - Dusty to join them on Monday
  176. Would you make this deal
  177. Did Any Media Note The Cubs Loss Secured Last Place?
  178. Planet Zito on the Southside?
  179. MacPhail resigns
  180. Tigers Lose Division Title
  181. Thanks Ozzie for not playing any of our starters in the last game.
  182. Jason Schmidt anyone?
  183. Noon Presser Scheduled at Wrigley
  184. Mr. Toothpick Boy--He Gone!
  185. Warning! Crappy Postseason Commercial Alert!
  186. Carl Crawford?
  187. my trade idea
  188. Q&A item about Organ Music
  189. Endy Chavez for 4th OF next year
  190. A-Row trade
  191. Which Leadoff Man Are The Sox Most Likely To Acquire?
  192. Sox Youth Movement?
  193. Marlins interested in Anderson
  194. What ever happened to Urbina???
  195. The World according to Thome25
  196. A few realistic steps to get back to the promised land....
  197. This entire thread should be in teal but here goes ....
  198. Dusty hasn't gotten any offers yet
  199. Catalanotto for LF in '07?
  200. A Rod to the Sox???
  201. [Rumor] Joe Torre supposed to be fired later yesterday.
  202. Sox-Cubs fan relationships
  203. Mike Mussina anyone?
  204. Trade Ozuna for Bullpen Usage?
  205. Chris Carpenter?
  206. Lets Play "Who Wants to Be KW"
  207. Armchair GM: Fix the Yanks
  208. ESPN gets Yankees/RedSox fixation on "Lost"
  209. *Official* Agustin Montero Appreciation Thread
  210. Let's get real guys......
  211. A-Rod is a choker. Guess who else is.
  212. Piniella in as Cubs manager?
  213. Onion: Steinbrenner Fires Tigers
  214. Figgins for Crede?
  215. Yankees Turn Down a White Sox Deal for A Rod
  216. It's Official: Piniella is new Cubs manager
  217. Woo is an Idiot
  218. Latest "Smells Like Mascot" from Carl Skanberg
  219. Rodriguez...Cubs?
  220. Free agent the Sox should Consider
  221. AROD to the [Insert Team Name]
  222. FA middle relievers
  223. He's Baaaaack
  224. Uribe struck/pushed/hit ESPN Deportes Reporter
  225. Least Surprising News Ever
  226. Bill Buckner, the 1986 World Series, and the Cubs connection.
  227. Who thinks the Sox will trade two starting pitchers ?
  228. Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  229. Sox to make a strong bid for D Matsuzaka
  230. Gary Sheffield to the Sox?
  231. Anybody think A-Rod is a TERRIBLE idea?
  232. Anyone else want to trade Dye?
  233. My Uribe predictions...
  234. Mike Downey Column
  235. The Onion on Lou Pinella
  236. Dave Newhouse = Idiot
  237. Ichiro or A-Rod?
  238. End the A-Rod Madness - "A-Rod won't play for Guillen" Sun-Times
  239. Milledge?
  240. Wonder how the Cubune will spin this story?
  241. Keith Foulke????
  242. The List Of Past Statistics, Anyone Else Had Enough???
  243. ESPN Shocker: Historically Bad Predictions
  244. Boston Globe on the Flubs
  245. Alan Trammell joins the cubs..
  246. Bad day for D'Angelo Jimenez fan(s)
  247. RIP Nelson de la Rosa (smallest known actor and Red Sox good luck charm )
  248. A-Rod
  249. 4th OF option
  250. Our WS isn't the lowest rated anymore!!!!