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WSI News Index - WSI Spotlight
Sky is Falling?
Big series are looming and too many Sox Fans are freaking out! Detroit is no pretender but they aren't world killers either. WSI's Hal Vickery picks apart the most obvious fretful goofiness and states what ought to be obvious: the season is still far from over! Remember second-place Cleveland last July?
All Star Farce -- Again!
This time it counts? The all-star game has been a farce for a long time, and WSI's Mary Swistara knows this one won't be any different.
Punch All Star A.J.!
A.J. Pierzynski goes to the all-star game with plenty of help from Sox Fans on the internet! Who did the Sox turn to in the final hours to to put A.J. over the top? WSI's Hal Vickery is pleased to report nobody packs a punch like White Sox Interactive!
Inter-league Farce?
The farce that inter-league baseball has become has mercifully ended for the 2006 season, but that's not all WSI's Hal Vickery has on his mind! The media fallout over Ozzie's mouth and WSI's very own WSI-FEST are two more topics receiving a totally-biased treatment!
Hemond and Talent!
What separates how the Sox scout talent versus most other major league teams? Sox front office legend Roland Hemond knows the answer and now WSI's totally biased Sox Fans are in on the secret, too. Mark Liptak reports from Great Falls, Montana!
Ozzie: Colorful or Too Much?
What happens when a trolling windsock idiot manages to get a response? In Ozzie Guillen's case, a bit too much controversy! While ignoring this trolling windsock idiot is certainly the best (and smartest) policy, WSI's Guy Bacci reminds Sox Fans what the alternative might be if we ever got a milquetoast manager!
Up & Down with Brian Anderson
Has any rookie in baseball this season had a rockier start than Brian Anderson? The Sox are playing exceptionally well, but Anderson has struggled playing center field everyday for the defending world champions. Like many Sox Fans, WSI's Guy Bacci wonders if this a problem to be fixed or an opportunity to be capitalized on?
Sportsblab Martyrdom for Tracey?
When Sean Tracey threw inside and missed twice in Texas, every sportsblab radio personality in town suddenly had a new martyr to discuss for endless hours! WSI's Hal Vickery knows the real point of this is simply to fill time between gentlemen's club ads, but it doesn't make it any less moronic.
Churros for the Upper Deck!
Patio Parties for WSI members on the main deck in August, but what about more churros for hungry denizens of the upper deck? WSI's Hal Vickery knows a thing or two about Sox Park and has a few suggestions for making the time spent even more memorable -- if a bit more filling, too!
Struggle Sox?
What's wrong with these Sox? A team seemingly stronger than last year's edition that went wire-to-wire, these Sox are struggling to maintain their predecessors' pace. WSI's Hal Vickery can find two major causes: the bullpen and weak efforts at the plate from the bottom of the line up. Say it ain't so!
Second No More!
If you live in Chicago, the changes in the order of things might move too slowly to be much noticed. But for WSI's Mary Swistara there is no mistaking what is completely new and different about being a Sox Fan back in Chicago. Second to no one!
The Season Not Played
Nearly one-third of the season is over and there are plenty of baseball adages that ought to bring comfort -- and fear! -- to the hearts of Sox Fans. WSI's George Bova wonders how much comfort a division title won with a 20 game margin brought Sox Fans back in 1983 and likes the alternative the Detroit Tigers might represent in 2006. Come on Detroit, bring it!
Soxual Prime-Time!
Can it get better than it is right now for the legions of Sox Fans lucky enough to enjoy what is undoubtedly the best times in franchise history? WSI's Guy Bacci notes how much sweeter it all seems to this South Side set of fans: their championship thirst fully quenched, their palate never spoiled in 88 years with ridiculous lies accepting losing as being good enough, nay even lovable! Could it get even better?
Bum of the Week?
Contreras misses a start, a minor league call up gets the start, and Brandon McCarthy is still in the bullpen. It's all just a bit too eerily similar to the pre-2005 Sox when practically any bum could pitch from the #5 spot for the Sox! Unlike other Chicago baseball fans, Sox Fans have a long memory and a congenital hate for losing. WSI's Hal Vickery is looking forward to more wins -- South Side wins!
All for the Better!
How much has changed at Sox Park in the last fourteen years? Nobody knows it better than WSI's Mark Liptak! Life-long Sox Fan, Mark returns to his former hometown of Chicago and now offers some unique perspective on what it means to be a Sox Fan to come back to the world champion South Side of the city! Yes, it's all for the better!
Better than Last Year?
The 2006 Sox surge into first place and pick up where they left off last season beating up the opposition both inside and outside the division. Now WSI's Hal Vickery joins his fellow totally biased Sox Fans wondering whether this team might be even better than last year's championship ballclub!
No Replacing Nancy!
With less playing time than ever, the moments enjoyed listening to Nancy Faust's organ are more precious than ever! WSI's Hal Vickery has heard plenty of ideas for getting things right, but make no mistake Nancy is not replaceable!
Angelic Night with the Sox!
The 2006 Sox are proving themselves to be a very entertaining act to follow! WSI's Guy Bacci found the recent Saturday night game especially interesting -- and another White Sox winner, too!
Bechtel's Blooper!
Who is the next sports mediot to prove what a dope they are about the Chicago White Sox? Sports Illustrated's Mark Bechtel, come on down! WSI's Hal Vickery documents the latest idiocy from the media!
Missing Nancy!
What's missing at Sox Park this season? As usual, the surging Sox get no respect from the national media. As unusual, the clever and uniquely Sox Park sounds of Nancy Faust's organ are missing many evenings, too. Hal Vickery is hardly surprised by the former, and truly wishes something could be done to help fix the latter.

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